th400 intermediate shaft. Turbo 400 TH400 Standard Length Output Shaft and Tail. Includes everything in our Stage 3 Rebuild Kit with the addition of the Billet Intermediate Shaft and we replace the 4340 Billet Input Shaft with the 300M Billet Input Shaft in order to hold higher power. Will fit years from 1965 - 1996. 99 Jegs 603254 Automatic Transmission Input Shaft For Th400 Jegs 603254. Overview of the GM TH400 Transmission. BTE's TH400 Vasco intermediate shaft is machined and splined by BTE then heat treated to extreme temperatures to ensure its strength. 1968 Chevelle Intermediate shaft, need Picture. The TH400 or Turbo 400 is a good transmission that was used in several cars years ago. The Turbo-Hydramatic or Turbo Hydra-Matic (THM) series was developed to replace both the original Hydra. SKU: 30221-53-MG-AL Categories: Complete Transmissions, TH400. ATI currently offers upgraded TH400 intermediate (2nd gear) internals that include an ATI 4-clutch pack, a giant 1,200 lb sprag on the aluminum drum, and a drum . As we pointed out earlier, this is one of the most stressed parts of a TH400, with its shaft joining the forward clutch hub to the ring gear. Trust us to steer you in the right direction, when you choose to DIY. adjust clearance with pinion shims under the sun gear bearing till you have. 91-96 OEM 4L80E Sun Gear Intermediate Shaft Transmission. 00 We also can supply Torque converters with Mechanical Diodes for best 60ft and reaction time all with the best warranty available. Put it in a safe place until reassembly of the unit. This is the intermediate clutch stack assembled into the case on top of the center support. Will fit years from 1965 - 1998. The shaft is a 100% drop-in product. COA-21124 - EXTREME PERFORMANCE W/PRO BRAKE, 300M ALLOY INPUT SHAFT, 300M ALLOY MAIN SHAFT, STEEL CLUTCH HUB, SUPER SPRAG, DEEP ALUMINUM PAN, (REVERSED PATTERN, 4". The torsional design increases the shaft's strength and is recommended for all applications over 700 horsepower. It is indeed the hollow tube that rides over the mainshaft/inside of the long center support bushing. 031757HP - TH400 Turbo 400 Transmission Intermediate Drum Red Eagle Kolene Power Pack 64-95. Home 48/47 Transmissions TH400 Transmissions 4L80E Transmissions 4L60E Transmissions Engine and Hard Parts Tier One Merch About. If you don't see something that you may need just let us know! Please feel free to check out Our Monster Transmission Reviews or call 1-800-708-0087 with any questions. I can tonight, Got a spair TH400 sitting on an engine stand right now. Close Ratio TH400 Tranny Save Reply Hutch Super Moderator Joined Mar 8, 2005 20,112 Posts #2 · Nov 18, 2011 The weight of the light parts you upgraded to will take a lot of load off the intermediate shaft. • See page 8 for Sonnax shaft options. 250 350c 350 400 Adjustable Vacuum Modulator Single Red Stripe Th400 Th350 250 350c - $19. Bushing has different holes than 1st design. » TH400 300M Intermediate (Main) Shaft | JW Performance Transmission Inc. In-depth rebuild of Sketchy Vert's TH400 Transmission, after losing 3rd Gear, Reverse, and the Trans Brake right before the last Cash Days. season of racing out of it without snapping the input shaft or intermediate sprag. • Use OE style intermediate clutches. JW bell housing (Original bell housing milled off and step machined on pump front) $3,000. The foundation starts with a tough and tested Reid Racing Super Hydra 400 Off-road race case and SFI 30. diameter at smooth machined surfaces. For added strength and durability, the shaft is made without lubrication holes. Level 3 TH400: SFI Certified Reid Case Raybestos High Energy Clutches 300M Input Shaft 300M Intermediate Shaft Aluminum Forward & Direct Clutch Drums Billet Forward Clutch Hub Fully Rollerized Roller Extension Housing High Capacity Pan w/ High Flow Oil Filter Griner Reverse Manual Valve Body w/ Trans Brake. GM Turbo Hydramatic 400 (TH400) 3 Speed Automatic Transmission 4 Wheel Drive, 32 Spline Main Output Shaft. Sonnax case saver retainer 34762-10 for the GM TH400 and '98-earlier 4L80-E is the only intermediate clutch retaining ring case saver that allows the intermediate band to be retained. This transmission features an innovative transbrake valve body design to allow transbrake operation in second gear. TH400 2WD TRANSMISSION CHEVY PATTERN. Drive shaft fit perfectly, very happy with the product. Quantity: TH400 Steel Clutch Hub. There is a snap ring that goes in the case above the pressure plate pictured. 1 Use when output shaft selective washer has spun in case, includes ill. SFI Ultra-Case TH400 Aluminum Case - severe duty. Billet intermediate shaft for 47RH, 47RE, 48RE transmissions. 1- Make sure there isn't consant 12V to the kickdown solenoid. JPC- S197 TH400 Swap Package (Stage 3) $8,899. Intermediate shaft, reaction (sun) shaft, etc. ✓Our catalogue contains OEM replacement parts for all TOP brands ⚡Updated price list. 4CC/BMS-2 Use with engines producing up to 1300 foot pounds of torque in vehicles weighing up to 4000 pounds. Vasco Input Shaft (Vasco Main / Intermediate Shaft upgrade available). Cast Iron 300mm Input Shaft Included in Base Price. Reverse or Forward Pattern Valve Body with Engine Braking. FTI Offers a wide variety of TH400 Parts including racing transmisison pumps, . 4l80e Th400 Intermediate Clutch Steel Plates Set Of 4 076 Thick Free Ship 4l80e Th400 - $20. This spring will produce between 185-190 PSI of line pressure. of input torque, nonetheless, aftermarket designs that have. SKU: 68HS Categories: GM, newyear2020, save5, TH-400/TH400/400 Tags: Manufacturer: PATC, Shafts. Check if this part fits your vehicle. Call Us (800) 331-2223 Email Us [email protected] Register. Check the Forward Drum for damage where the Input Shaft & seals ride, VERY commonly over-looked & will cause repeat Forward Clutch failure. Fully machined, splined, and ground on precision CNC equipment. Billet sun shaft tube (Helps center intermediate sprag/direct drum) Forged forward hub. Buy JEGS 603260 at JEGS: JEGS Heavy-Duty Intermediate Shaft for GM TH400 Automatic Transmission [Rated to 1100 HP]. Shortly, we will have news about our TH400 gearsets and aluminum drums which are currently in production. Stage 4 TH400 W/ REID Bell Adapter (Manual/Trans Brake. The Turbo-Hydramatic or Turbo Hydra-Matic (THM. Part Number: FTI-F4041 Not Yet Reviewed. TH400 OUTPUT SHAFT SHORT 5-7/8 (1. 36 element oversized pro-mod sprag, twice the surface area of a regular 34 element sprag, aircraft grade quality 7075-t6, billet aluminum. The Hughes Turbo 400 forward drum, rear planet, and intermediate shaft give this transmission greater torque capacity thanks to 4340 billet . The TH400 is an aluminum cased three speed automatic transmission that was produced by GM. Fits Chevy TH400Turbo 400 Transmission Intermediate Shaft 300. Pro mod direct drum with 36 element sprag from ck performance. When shifted into D, have to pat gas to get it to engage. The end of the TH400 output shaft would go directly into the input sun gear on the dual-range box, roughly 5-inches past where it attaches to the TH400. Our experienced pros are a leader in Turbo 400 transmission research and development with a never-ending pursuit to always improve on our championship-winning combinations. This redesigned torsional main shaft is fully CNC machined, shaped, and ground. JW Performance HD Intermediate Main Shaft TH400. 100" 400-31705 Low/Reverse Drum and Components Metal Clad Seals Miscellaneous Items Oil Pans and Components Output Shaft Support. Includes everything in our Stage 4 Rebuild Kit with the addition of the 36 Element Sprag and Iron Super Drum. Learn more Qty Add to Cart Wish List Compare Email. Dyno Th400 with Billet Tailhousing : R. 95 Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Friction & Steel, Intermediate Clutch 823E Shaft, Intermediate Sun Gear. Billet input shaft with oversized splines. Billet intermediate shaft super sprag direct drum 200 PSI line pressure with converter feed restriction Get rid of the blue plates Chris (CK performance) manufactures all these parts and is a supporting board member and could give you a more detailed parts list. This TH400 Intermediate shaft is a "bolt-in" product made from 300M Steel and has been designed for High Horsepower and Off-Road use. Prepping A Coyote Mustang For The Strip With An ATI TH400. - Prices are subject to change without notice. I'm swapping out an output shaft from a Chevy TH400 2wd trans to a Novak Dana 300 kit for my project. A while back I posted this transmate holder, basically drops inside the engine stand base to hold the trans for. Each shaft is cut and splined (30) by BTE and heat treated to extreme levels to ensure durability. 52% off TH400, 3L80 Main Shaft, 10. TH400 Heavy Duty Intermediate Shaft. GM TH400 Intermediate Shaft with holes - Billet 300M Heat Treated. GM TH400's primarily used 3 different output shaft lengths, all are 32 spline. There aren't too many other things I can think of where people. The Sonnax manual shift shaft and fasteners have been yellow zinc plated to maximize corrosion resistance from road salt and other environmental contaminates. Posted by Dusty on 21st Jun 2019 Exactly what I needed. INTERMEDIATE SPRAG-34 ELEMENT $74. This is the aftermarkets toughest TH400 main shaft. This JEGS 603260 GM TH400 Automatic Transmission Intermediate Shaft is an upgraded revision of the factory OEM unit making installation easy with no transmission alterations. Transmission Automatic Input Th400 Jegs 603254 Shaft For Jegs 603254 Automatic Transmission Input Shaft For Th400. 400 A bunch but, the intermediate sprag [ for 2nd gear ] is a weak point. I wasnt sure the appropriate name and I found an exploded view of a TH400, and per that image it said it was the intermediate shaft. The TH400 will give the driver full control over the transmission while providing firm shifts and better gear ratio pairing. Recently Viewed Items Browse Similar Items Chevy/GM > TH400 - Turbo 400 > TH400 - Turbo 400 Transmission Parts > TH400 - Turbo 400 MEDUSA Specialty Hard Parts. For my intermediate setup, no wave will be used and TH400 springs and int spring retainer will be used. Sold:2015 ecoboost, COYOTE SWAP, borg warner single turbo, th400 w/trans brake, circle d converter MMR opg's and timing gear, MMR coolant tank, mmr oil cooler, mmr secondary tensioner flip, custom breather setup, 3:31 gear, steeda diff and sub frame bushing lock Outs, boss 302 intake manifold, cervinis cowl, rhodes race cars fuel cell, fore. The adapter plate is used in-conjunction with the original GM TH350 NP203 / 205 adapter housing and coupler. This pressure regulator spring is designed exclusively for Street-Strip and Competition TH400 applications. TH400 Hardened Intermediate Shaft. For ultimate performance, combine this shaft with the TCS billet aluminum high drum with extra large sprag -Part# 223900B and the TCS billet aluminum . However, when a TH350 is upgraded with a sprag-type intermediate overrun clutch, a 300M input shaft, a late 700-R4 low roller clutch center support, premium racing frictions and steels, and a. BLACK EDITION TH400 supports up to 2000HP. 37” long and comes in at a weight of 135 pounds dry. INTERMEDIATE SPRAG-36 ELEMENT (PRO MOD). This TH400 Intermediate shaft is a “bolt-in” product made from 300 Maraging Steel and has been designed for High Horsepower and Off-Road use. Rear of shaft should not extend any further inward than step in bore. For ultimate performance, combine this shaft with the TCS billet aluminum high drum with extra large sprag - Part# 223900B and the TCS billet aluminum forward drum with a precision machined 300. " • 300M input shaft with OEM steel drum • Vasco intermediate shaft • Heavy-duty steel forward clutch hub • Heavy-duty center support. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge. -FTI Billet aluminum valvebody. I'm also going to use a 34 element sprag, but it's on a drum with a freshly ground special sized inner race and with some extra support for the drum. TH400 300M Input Shaft & Forward Drum 400. Sonnax is an industry leader in the cutting edge design, manufacture and distribution of the highest quality products to the automotive aftermarket, commercial vehicle industries, and industrial sectors utilizing drivetrain technology. 2- Check that the 1-2 shift valve moves freely. And any side loading is better controlled by the TH400's generous center support bushing, probably 3" of length compared to not quite an inch on a TH350 in stock form or a little less than 2" in modded form. TH400 Racing Transmissions. The key to this transmission's and durability is the custom built Pro Mod Sprag assembly. The Dodge Intermediate Shaft can be subjected to very high torsional stress with vehicles with larger wheels and tires, heavy towing, and aftermarket engine modifications. 300m input and forward drum from TCI. We personally use and test and have found as much as a ½ second in better E. 95 TH350, TH400, Steel, Black powdercoated SFI Rating: 30. TCI 224500 Intermediate Friction TH400 (3) $34. steel 30 spline input shaft, 34 element direct drum and a wide Intermediate band . Furthermore, the shaft is heat-treated for increased durability. The adapter kit includes a new 27 spline TH400 output shaft, adapter plate, linkage rod, bracket, brake yoke & pin, freeze plug, o-ring, fastening. BTE's two speed "Grudge Winner" TH400 transmission is a great choice for x275 and other racing classes that have limited traction, high power output, and heavy vehicle weight. So if you have close to 400 hp and or that much torque, [ torque is the real killer ] going to the double element sprag [ actually 34 elements from the stock 16 ] would be a real good idea. 2018 Premium GT PP, B&L fab single 88mm, mmr opg's, mmr sprocket and flip kit, E85, lund tuned, fore, th400 3:31 gear Sold:2015 ecoboost, COYOTE SWAP, borg warner single turbo, th400 w/trans brake, circle d converter MMR opg's and timing gear, MMR coolant tank, mmr oil cooler, mmr secondary tensioner flip, custom breather setup, 3:31 gear, steeda diff and sub frame bushing lock Outs, boss 302. The Tier One Process TIER1 STREET TRUCK. TH400 Turbo 400 Transmission Intermediate Shaft 300. The TH400 has recently become one of the best selling transmissions for high horsepower racing setups thanks to many new product designs. Clearly, the biggest difference between the TH400 vs 4L80E is the 4L80E's overdrive gear. Vista Transmission Parts 400 400 Automatic Parts. TH400 Intermediate X-Heavy Duty Pressure Plate. OEM forward drum with larger internal broach for input shaft, unit comes as shaft pressed into drum. The TH400’s high-level of adoption could be tied to its remarkable features, and it proved that people can. Diagnosing GM Transmissions. Coan Engineering - Extreme Performance, Manual, 300M Shaft, Super Sprag, TH400 Transmission $ 2,695. Even the late-model LS guys have been seen rocking the classic TH400 on occasion. In addition to our precision-machined torsional shafts for PG, TH350 & TH400, Ford C-4, C-6 and AOD, we offer special extreme-duty models for the PG and TH400 made of Vasco steel. Shifts into R perfectly and holds. The TH400, or Turbo 400, transmission was a 3 speed automatic that was first produced in 1964. We're transmission experts, recognized by some of the greatest and most notable technicians in the automotive industry. TH400 Intermediate Shaft 300M This TH400 Intermediate shaft is a "bolt-in" product made from 300M Steel and has been designed for High Horsepower and Off-Road use. 99 FTI Transmissions & Converters Details Automatic Transmission Intermediate Shafts This JEGS 603260 GM TH400 Automatic Transmission Intermediate Shaft is an upgraded revision of the factory OEM unit making installation easy with no transmission alterations. Th400 400 Intermediate Sprag Spiral Lock Spiro Spira Lock 4l80e Spiralock Th400 400 - $9. Check out our large-shaft ST400s (super turbo) in both 3-speed and 2-speed versions. Like gimpy said check the adapter housing bolt pattern to verify it is for a T400. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. TH400 Competition Transmission Stage 4. TH400 Intermediate X-Heavy Duty Billet Steel Pressure Plate. BTE's aluminum direct drum, Vasco input shaft, and valve bodies have been used by transmission builders around the world to improve the strength of their turbo 400 transmissions. This transmission does vary in the amount of fluid. JPC Racing - TH400 Intermediate Drum w/ 34 Element Sprag. This helps with wear on the intermediate sprag. SRT STAGE II TH400 5 Koleene Steels 5 Koleene Forward Steels 3 Koleene Intermediate Steels TransGo Pro Shift Installed Upgraded Direct Drum & 34 Element Sprag Sonnax Boost Valve Sonnax HD Forward Clutch Hub Billet Input Shaft Billet Intermedate Shaft. Fully machined, shaped, and ground on precision CNC equipment. The TH400 came in two wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles, passenger cars and heavy duty trucks, as well as GM vehicles and those made by other manufacturers. Home / Transmission Components / TH400 / TH400 300M Intermediate (Main) Shaft. diameter at smooth machined surfaces Rear internal gear spline count ends with a. 228300B TH400 4L80E Transmission High. TH400-4EB2: Level 4 Trans-Brake TH400, with Ultra Bell. 95 TH400 Compare Quick View Part # 282940070 TCI 940070 Buick/Olds/Pontiac Flexplate Shield $120. TH400 Vasco Intermediate Shaft ; Recommended for all applications over 750 horsepower, this VascoMax intermediate shaft provides a strong backbone for any racing TH400. Billet M300 intermediate shaft Made in house Rossler exclusive. 00 Freight charges will apply - please contact us promptly after ordering so that we can generate an estimated freight charge and issue an additional invoice. TH400 Specs, Info, and Identification. TH400 Intermediate X-HD Clutch Pack Kit w-34 Element & Std. Shaft has standard turbo spline with holes in front of shaft. Gaskets and Rubber Components Gear Sets Governor Support/Rear Pump and Components High Clutch Drum and Components Input Shaft Metal Clad Seals Miscellaneous Items. TH400 automatic Transmission Sun Gear Intermediate Shaft Turbo 400. GM TH400 INTERMEDIATE SHAFT; 300M; 1100 HP RATED;. This placement is aimed at providing the best power ratio and durability for rear-wheel drive. Th400 Input Shaft - 17 images - th400 output shaft bushing narrow, where to get 4l80e input shaft o ring ls1tech camaro, how to fit a 4l85e transmission into an early 1967, th400 heavy duty intermediate shaft,. Our stage 3 TH400 package includes a TH400 built by Transmission specialties. TH400 Intermediate Steel‚ OEM. 1969-1972 are not the same as. Transmission Parts Direct 8633173 TH400/4L80E Intermediate Clutch Sprag (Heavy Duty w/34 . The Turbo 400 is primarily constructed of cast aluminum, with the bell housing being integrated into the transmission and also made of cast aluminum. INTERMEDIATE SPRAG-34 ELEMENT COA-22810B - 300M ALLOY INPUT SHAFT W/OEM DRUM (LARGER SPLINES SHAFT TO DRUM), . 4340 input shaft and drum assembly; 4340 intermediate shift; Billet aluminum direct drum; 2. The splined case luges here in the case are one of the weak points of a TH400, high line pressure, harsh shift calibration, and fatique cause the lugs to break here. TH400 Intermediate Shaft , Stock GM. bushing (th400 sun gear shaft and stator shaft) (4l80e overdrive sun gear 91-up / sun gear shaft no grooves 91-96) (1. AwesomeEngines® TH400 Transmissions This TH400 is built to withstand up to 3000hp but not limited to more. 69 and back TH400 Transmission Sun Gear Intermediate Shaft Turbo 400 Full Spline. Designed for high horsepower and off-road use. All these hard parts have been upgraded. TH400 Heavy Duty Intermediate Shaft Made from 300 Maraging steel. Tech: Building A Drag Race Turbo 400 With Hughes Performance. Upgrading the Turbo 400 in Your Corvette. Billet M300 intermediate shaft. The Stage 4 TH400 was designed for the extreme high performance street or all out race car. TH400 Competition Transmission Stage 4 quantity. A518, 518, A618, 618, 46RE, 47RE, 48RE Quality Inspected Good Used Intermediate Shaft 1994-on (with Late 2nd Design Front Planet Splines). The TH375 output shaft is about 15 inches long, 6 inches longer than a short shaft T400. GM still sells the correct yoke, part number 14075214. 17 Add to Cart COA-22805 - SPIROLOC RING (SPRAG RETAINER) $23. this part may fit: chevrolet, buick, pontiac & oldsmobile. Turbo 400Rossler Transmissions Inc. 2nd design support has cooler return fitting hole and seal in it. Governor deleted, modulator deleted, no vacuum needed. So I always here about the intermediate shaft breaking but never 2018 Premium GT PP, B&L fab single 88mm, E85, lund tuned, fore, th400. What CameronVic called the sun shaft is what I am calling the intermediate shaft. diameter at smooth machined surfaces; Rear internal gear spline count ends with a. 67 Turbo 400 TH 400 TH400 Long Output Shaft with Tailshaft Housing 2wd. Competition Plus Billet Input Shaft and Drum Assembly. Turbo 400 Performance Racing Transmission Parts by FTI Performance. All three of these gearboxes have earned their stripes over the years, particularly the TH400 as the unit to rely on in a purpose-built drag car. 490" wide) image #037, 040 Item #34037 $2. - Email for quotes on goods needed. Sonnax 34322-02K Extreme Duty Forward Clutch Hub Kit GM TH400 TH425 4L80-E 4L85-AU $183. Before any upgrades, addons, and/or core charges. Transmission - th400 long shaft?? - I have a th400 in my 69 cutlass parts car, I think its a long tail shaft (tail is about 9 long) Should I . The VASCO 300 Steel Main/Intermediate Shaft for TH400 connects the sun gear to the rear internal gear to improve performance. The OEM forward clutch housing is bored out and fitted with an oversize 40 spline input shaft, vastly increasing surface area at the interface, eliminating housing failures. You need to study the function of an automatic trans. CH-400/4L80E-GM GM TH400/4L80E Forward Clutch Hub - 4140 Steel. The dual pattern flange will accept most any of the 1300 series joints in either a single u-joint or CV /Double-Cardan. TH400 Intermediate Clutch Pack Pressure Plate Snap Ring‚ OEM 400-34611. Turbo-Hydramatic or Turbo Hydra-Matic is the registered tradename for a family of automatic transmissions developed and produced by General Motors. While the Borg Warner 34 element sprag is rated to 850 HP, the Pro Mod Sprag is designed to withstand 2000HP. These transmissions mate a three-element turbine torque converter to a Simpson planetary geartrain, providing three forward speeds plus reverse. It was introduced for the 1965 model year and made its debut in Cadillacs, and is respected for its durability and adaptability. FTI Transmissions & Converters Alloy Intermediate Shaft TH400. OEM Application: 1974-1979 GM TH400 to GM NP203 transfer case. a 30-spline input shaft similar to those found on TH400 transmissions and . The bellhousing will need to be purchased separately. 223400P - TH400 Turbo 400 Transmission Pump TCS High Performance Billet 6061 Aluminum: 223601B: 223601B - TH400 Turbo 400 Transmission Drum & Input Shaft TCS 4140 HTSR 300 Margaing: 223700: 223700 - TH400 Turbo 400 Transmission Intermediate Shaft 300 Maragaing Steel TCS: 34322-02K. Posted On: January 28, 2016 Input shaft is manufactured from 300M steel billet blanks. These are made of only the best materials including 300M and Nasa billet steels. This Dodge Intermediate Shaft is precision-machined and ground from 300M billet steel. That splined part, whatever it is, would be hitting the speedometer drive gear, and would be past the TH400 splines. TH400 Aluminum Forward Drum and Billet Input Shaft. your choice of billet 182, 197, 210, 233, 248, 257, 266, 275 gear set, single pinion thrust bearings. Turbo 400 Forward Drum And Input Shaft. Free postage Free postage Free postage. TH400 Intermediate Shaft Made from 300 Maraging Steel Number. TAIL HOUSING – TH400 SHORT SHAFT – SINGLE BEARING. Features lite-weight 7076 billet aluminum forward clutch housing with oversize 40 spline input shaft, vastly increasing surface area at the interface, eliminating housing failures. Shaft Info: Make: GM / Chevy; Model: Turbo Hydramatic 400 (TH400) Length: 5. It includes an aluminum forward and direct drum, aerospace material input and intermediate shafts, alloy forward hub, deep aluminum pan, lightened OEM ratio ( . SHAFT, 200-4R STATOR SUPPORT WITH BUSHING A54529B. Sonnax GM TH400 Transmission. Use Raybestos grooved HD frictions in commercial applications (Forward, Intermediate, Directs) Do not use 4 frictions in the Intermediate Clutch, Use 3 TH400 frictions, Wave Plate, Steels & Backing Plate. What this means to you is the fact you are getting a quality product that meets or exceeds the OEM standards, not just a. 32 and 1 master spline Hardened steel construction For use in TH400, all Richmond Gear Transmissions w/ 32-spline output, and Super T-10 transmission Natural Finish Overall Length: 6. Although they come from different eras, there is quite a bit that these two transmissions have in common. 031756HP - TH400 4L80E Transmission Direct Drum Red Eagle Alto Power Pack 1964-95. TH400-2-Speed-New 2000hp Rated “Bullet Proof” $6499. Set Descending Drum & Input Shaft TCS 4140 HTSR 300 Margaing. The trans has a shift kit in it, but valve body gaskets match. New South Wales: Unit 2/26 Ace Crescent Tuggerah, NSW 2259. JPC- '18-'21 TH400 Swap Package (Stage 4). Shipped with USPS Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope. 250' Long (w/ Restrictor Plug) (65-98) TH400, 3L80 Main Shaft, 10. 31 USD Increase the backbone strength of your TH400 with this Vasco intermediate shaft. Designed for high horsepower pro-street and off-road applications. TH400 Competition Components. GM Turbo 400 TH400 Hardened Steel Intermediate Shaft Stage II. The GM TH400 transmission is a three-speed automatic transmission that was longitudinally positioned behind the engine. The last thing I just did was a harden input shaft, with an aluminum . Steel Direct Drum with 36 Element Iron Sprag (Aluminum drum . Some areas are cast iron, such as the center support for the transmission. It vastly increases intermediate clutch capacity, performance and durability. How to Rebuild Your GM Transmission: TH400. Designed to fit either the Powerglide or TH400 splines, these shafts are available for V8 and 6-cylinder carriers. Not pictured is the TH400 master rebuild kit with Alto red clutches, steels, etc. COA-21123 - PRO TREE COMPETITION MANUAL W/INSTANT REACTION TRANS BRAKE, HEAVY DUTY 34 ELEMENT SPRAG (REVERSED PATTERN, 4" EXT. These 32 and 1 master spline steel slip yokes are designed to work with TH-400 GM automatic transmissions and all Richmond Gear transmissions with a 32-spline output shaft. Use a wave plate in the intermediate clutch in EVERY 4L80E/TH400 build that uses an iron direct drum. Center support along with top sun-gear needle-bearing set; Sun gear/direct clutch drum shaft . Extreme Duty Input Shaft 35280-02 Upgrade for Intermediate clutch retaining ring. Weight: 3 lbs: Dimensions: 4 × 4 × 12 in: Reviews There are no reviews yet. Using a 12-point 3/8-inch socket, remove the center support retaining bolt. Turbo 400 TH400 Standard Length Output Shaft and Tail Housing Combo. We upgrade the main shaft with this piece. --- help reduce the return rate - if you are not 100% sure, send an inquiry including year, make, model, and engine size to ensure proper fitment. The Sonnax manual shift shaft kit 38511-05K is a direct replacement designed specifically to match the TH400 shaft geometry, which minimizes the amount of shift linkage adjustment necessary. Will handle more torque in lighter vehicles. The kit is designed to replace a TH350 automatic and adapt the GM TH400 to a NP203 / 205 transfer case. Increase the strength of your performance TH400 transmission with this high grade Vasco steel input shaft. The Hughes TH400 uses a GM pump body that's lapped to ensure the sealing surface is flat and true. Ordered this drive shaft for a 1969 chevelle with a 700r4. I've broken the factory input shaft, forward drum, clutch hub, direct drum, 34 element sprag, intermediate shaft, sun gear and case. TH400 300M Intermediate (Main) Shaft quantity. The output spline on the TH400 is finer than the 27-spline shaft in the Powerglide, TH200-4R and the TH350, so a new 32-spline yoke would be needed for the driveshaft. There is a small notch on the bottom and need to realign the top back up in the correct alignment. I've been constantly upgrading my TH400 everytime I pull it out. Our Full Manual Competition Transmissions will give you consistent shifts as well as complete control over shift points. The TH400 can be made to handle over the 1500 HP range but it does require more hard parts internally. 1 certification bellhousing that fits all Chevrolet 90 degree V8's including early and late LS engines and 4. Phone: 02 4353 4712 Victoria: Unit 7/ 28 Lipton Dr Thomastown, Melbourne VIC 3074. TH400 Sonnax Extreme Main Shaft. Turbo 400 Billet intermediate shaft for upgrading from 1200hp to 2000+hp. What's the difference between a 68 and post to mid 70s th400. I put a 300m input shaft/drum and intermediate shaft in for insurance. Our Stage 2 TH400 includes all the components in the Stage 1 rebuild but is upgraded to a 34 element sprag and the corresponding direct drum, 6 clutch direct with carbon based frictions, 4 clutch intermediate, manual/automatic valve body or forward pattern full manual upon request. Turbo 400 Billet Intermediate Shaft. So feel free to contact us today at (714) 898-0089 and discuss what is exactly right for you and your car. The most common of those, at least with the older GM cars, is the Turbo-Hydramatic (TH) 350, TH400, and 700R4. TH400 (3L80) TH400 (3L80) View as Grid List. Free Shipping - Estimated to ship. NOTE: See next page for additional data on 1999 type shaft/support/bearing shim. 86 + postage + postage + postage.