solana nft rarity discord. Each of these 10,000 SolPunks has attributes that make them unique according to a defined rarity system. The monkeys feature owner-exclusive advantages such as NFT ownership, as well as a community wallet. tools 🔬 Rarity tool for Solana NFTs. Os 12 principais mercados de NFT de Solana (para inverter NFTs agora) 05/05/2022. We have the skill set for NFT websites , minting function, Opensea API, smart contracts, NFT games, Ethereum, Solana. 8,888 cute and collectible Lions living on the Solana Savannah. Clicking on an NFT collection in the Upcoming Drops Calendar section will link you to the collection page where you can explore the important fundamentals of the NFT collection, such as the artwork. After being rejected by them, we felt that our Monkes deserved to have their own place on Solana. Add NFTSniper Bot Upvote NFTSniper Bot NFT Rarity checker bot for Discord. This project is proudly sponsored by milktoast. Check the rarity of your favorite NFT collections within a matter of seconds after they have been revealed using RaritySniffer! Join Discord, claim yours and begin your journey into the Tulip Head Society. When they sell your NFT, the bot removes their access. A collection of resources to better understand and navigate the Solana NFT space. The Apes will be randomly generated from a selection of over 130 traits such as eyewear, headwear, clothing and more. Each NFT starts from the static level based on attributes rarity. In addition, each pirate has unique battle stats. 2600 Rarikeys coming soon to Solana The ultimate access to SolRarity projects. 25% of the secondary market royalties will be used for. When the Rarity Sniper Discord grew to over 250 thousand users, the Rarity Sniper team decided to make an improved rarity tool. - Integrate the ritual process onto our website shortly thereafter, and begin the sacrifices. What is RarityMon? Rarity Mon is a discord bot and a website that allows you to check the rarity of your NFT in a collection. We started by providing rarity ranking for most of the collections on Solana to over 140,000 users and continue to build everyday to improve our services. The BTC world is amazing; would love to be in it every day. Giveaway 100 NFT (Polygon) between Discord members. It is a collection on the solana blockchain with 222 handpainted images where each one is unique. co/PBsXY46gkF • Insta: @SolPunksDAO. Drawn by hand and assembled by code, not one Shkary Shark is the same. Each Euphorian Ape is unique and programmatically generated NFTs. We are striving to up the standard, complexity and quality of art within the Solana NFT space and rebuild the narrative of NFTs as a long term commitment. Per my observation they list about 2-5 NFT projects per day. Familyzer connects your Discord and Web3 wallet. Includes querying rarity by #Id, rank, or user! Royalty Distribution Allow server admins to easily automatically distribute royalties to verified NFT holders DAO Community Proposals. More information regarding Stage 3 will be released soon!. The Gods of the Galaxy NFT range is changing the hand-drawn NFT art game. The game is based on real-world horse myths, and it combines the. This collection was our first airdrop to Kodama holders in early November. After successfully partnering up in the . NFTs ranked and sorted by rarity. Here is a list of NFT related projects on Solana Part 1 of 2, 1/2: -. Initialisation Since 4 months Become the most used rarity system on Solana Rarity available for all collections Whatever the collection, you know that you can get the rarity on SolRarity. These Grims are both a pass into the community, as well as, . The Rogue Sharks Coalition is the most exclusive collection of sharks swimming on the Solana Blockchain with only 5,000 NFTs in existence. 09 May 2 COLLECTIONS SOLANA REVEALING ON 09 SOLPARK NFT is a new Solana nft project that's going to give it's holders 40% of. - Launch a viewable gallery of the entire Solana Mask's collection, including a section for the burned Mask's. SolPort is a Solana NFT marketplace that claims it is the "most complete marketplace on Solana. Just choose the traits you want to keep, the second NFT gets burnt to decrease the collection supply. CASSETS is a unique project bringing music artists into the Solana NFT space. The first NFT marketplace that enables creators to choose and embed licenses when they mint NFTs. Visit this page regularly to see up to date information. 1450+ verified collection rankings on #Ethereum, #Solana & more! Fill the form to get listed with us: https://t. we are able to handle all kinds of block chain projects. Gizmo Rebels is an NFT mission adventure based on the Solana blockchain. Gen-2 Solana Doges are live! Full instructions in Discord. Get quick and easy access to digital collectibles and explore, buy and sell NFTs. 7717 uniquely generated NFT project on the Solana Blockchain. The best rarity tools to check the ranking of 1484 NFT collections on Ethereum, Solana & more. View NFTs in a Solana wallet + calculate total value from floor prices. Phase 1 collectors will be invited to a Pre-Sale whitelist, 72 hours prior to public release at a price of 0. Notify discord channel on each purchase. ee/solrarity Joined November 2021 123 Following 63. DarleyGo is a horseracing game built on the Solana platform that allows players to purchase, race, collect, and breed NFT horses. you can earn Candy Rabbit NFT from airdrop by joining to our discord. Solana NFT bot is a helpful bot for your Solana NFT projects. A set of 5000 unique randomly generated pixel art Gorillas coming to storm Solana grounds. a complex rarity system and is packed with utility:. A "Pixel Art" themed NFT's on 32 American "SOL-NFL" Football Teams. This tool is mostly used to check the rarity of Solana NFTs, Rarity Sniper also has a 400,000-strong Discord channel that offers the . The project will benefit the ITWomen Across Technology program. World of Solana is conceptualized by BTG, a famous female 2D artist known for her semi-realistic style. Solana is built to be small, fast, and efficient — it was developed by people who used to build cell phone networks. The academy consists of 10,000 degenerate ape NFTs. io/ 💎 Solana Bot with some nice features: 🔸 Anti rug and scam safe. These collectibles have more than 300 rare traits. Struggle with poverty, sickness, and other human travails were extinguished. Embarking on a journey to discover their ancestors, 795 powerful and glorious Apex Predators are being awakened around the globe. There are only 2222 Unique Zombie Masters who are fierce and elite hunters. NFT bot for Solana [MagicEden / Solanart / Solsea ]📍 Download link: https://cryptojey. View "Solana Droids" rarity, marketplaces, statistics and more on NFTSniper. They use signs and symbols to communicate with each other, making sure the other Solana species do not discover their true intentions. If you've heard about NFTs and are eager to start learning more, one of the best ways to do this is to join a Discord group. Buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital items. הגיוון הזה עלול להקשות על הבחירה ולכפות על אי-פטריות בפעם הראשונה. 0 Solana Sneks - Solsneks NFTs were sold in the last 7 days. nft ants are a collection of 10. Our favorite 👇 #NFT #Solana #SolanaNFT. This created ten thousand alternate timelines spawning 10,000 variations of beings that existed prior to the cosmic event. 1 upcoming NFT projects' calandar NFTsniper. Their rep is simple: they’re committed to innovating in the NFT space and bringing unique utility to every owner. com Joined November 2021 40 Following 132K Followers Tweets Tweets & replies Media Likes Pinned Tweet MetaRarity @metararity · 19h 🎁 #NFTGiveaway 🎁 We've partnered with @m3tamoguls. TRAIT CATEGORIES Each BeerBuddy is algorithmically generated by combining 75 unique traits with varying rarity across all categories. Hi, Are you interested in creating your own NFT Collection integrated with website? If you don't want to build a team from scratch, we are here for you. I'm a virtual companion developed by artificial intelligence. Why do you need Discord for your NFT project?. To get a whitelist place you first need to join their Discord Channel and find a. First and foremost, we have the Flower NFTs, which are also divided into two parts, the Genesis Collection and the 3D Flowers. 8989 Walrus NFTs were minted on December 4th and Sold Out!. Solana Runts Club is a collection of 5000 uniquely generated, eclectic punk style NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Our deflationary NFT range consists of 6 hand-illustrated/painted Greek Gods, all with their own individual attribute. That’s right — your NFTs can pilot our NFTs in an already-complete retro role-playing game that pays out SOL to players. The Most Toxic Discord in Crypto | How our project was almost killed by a $100M Solana NFT over dumb jokes. To learn more about Beast Boy Club join our Discord below. What is Extinct Creatures Moon Club? ECMC is the series of Solana NFT collections dedicated to extinct species. But that's not the only combination: TheBlueprints is a composition that consists of the most popular NFTs right now and from the past. If heat was the physical representation of hype, our future would be the Sun. Solana Legends are a collection of NFT heroes on the Solana Blockchain. A home for 9,999 retro-inspired, high-quality 3D Soul Dogs. The information is provided as-is with no guarantees of any kind. 1 SOLANA killer NFT project based on a collection of cute and deadly killer bunnies 3,885 members Join CRYPTO LUCHA CLUB Crypto Lucha is a collection of 6,969 strong luchadores NFT in Solana with traits inspired by the Mexican Lucha libre’s most powerful and legendary features. Welcome to the most exclusive cigar club in the metaverse. After that, there will be no more added. We have decided to … Candy Rabbit Read More » Find out more ». It gives the holders of your NFTs access to holders-only channel on your Discord. SolanaBots provides a set of easily configurable tools for automated Twitter & Discord bots that make it easy to manage and promote your NFT project on the secondary market. 🌕 Don't forget to show us how rare yours is. Available in multiple different levels of rarity & hierarchy, . 000 unique nft's on the solana network. We believe the NFT ecosystem is lacking the right tools and analytics in contrast to normal crypto trading, where an abundance of information and tooling is available today. It's been a wild couple of years for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and from the looks of things, the ride is only just getting started. Metaplex Foundation Quarterly Report, Q1 2022. The first steps involved cataloguing art styles, past NFT projects and deciding on an art theme. 7,777 Money Bag NFTs for Solana Chain, The biggest Scumbag$ on the Solana Blockchain. To get set up on Solana you will need set-up a Solana-based wallet, we recommend Phantom. Soon, dozens of projects launched, all competing to be the top dog in a new and exciting NFT niche. who fell in love with blockchain and Solana. 1 Minting 999 NFT Mint Watches in ETH (Polygon) at Opensea marketplace. We have created these 6666 truly unique characters that consist of celebrities, politicians, actors, historical figures, and a dragon. Solana House of Lords is a unique collection of 5,000 NFTs lording on the Solana blockchain. DAO Twitter: @SolPunksDAO • Sales Bot: @PunksDAOSales Discord: https://t. It will give you an idea of your NFT's relative rarity and value. Original NFT collection of 2,222 unique Solana blockchain heroines fighting for freedom. Anyone can mint their NFT creations on the platform, but the team tries to check as many NFT projects as possible to give them a "verifeyed" badge and delete fake NFTs. We also source NFT community statistics directly from Twitter and Discord. Having a Phantom wallet gives you access to decentralised apps and a Solana address where you NFT will be stored. Fractal, the NFT trading platform founded and launched by Twitch co-founder Justin Kan has got off to a bad start after early adopters lost $150,000 worth of Solana due to a Discord hack. Rarity Sniper is the best way to check the rarity of your NFTs | 342,485 members Rarity Sniper is the best way to check the rarity of your NFTs | 342,485 members You've been invited to join. Some living are left trying to hide with just one goal "SURVIVAL". The NFT project announced that they experienced a Discord scam job. As soon as you mint, you'll be able to load your NFTs into your mecha in our game lobby. We have a ton of ideas that we want to see, that we want to realize. We cannot confirm the claims or the trustworthiness of any of the projects featured. SKULLS are a collection of 6,666 hand-drawn and algorithmically generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The Infungibles is a Solana play-to-earn game with 7,777 Metaverse Mecha NFTs that can be driven by other Solana NFTs. With so much to offer, owning a MetaGoblin NFT is sure to be a rewarding experience that may become one of the newest trending NFT collections. Join our Discord to get your sharable NFT rarity card! Supporting 1100+ collections on Solana. And both obviously act as the main. Solana Faction Cards is a collection of 1,888 unique NFTs minted on the Solana Blockchain. Our initial Fluffy Hamsters release will be 4,200 uniquely crafted NFT graphics. This project provides valuable information for NFT holders and those interested. Each MetaWaifu NFT represents a . The only way to purchase a WATW now is from a Solana secondary NFT market. Recently SolRarity become the most used Rarity system on the Solana blockchain. The Artist · Babolex Golden Ticket · Trait Rarity · Meet Babolex NFTs · Frequently Asked Questions · Join The Babolex « Club Privé ». SolanaBots provides a set of easily configurable tools for . Yes, it really is! SOLETTERS is the first collectibles where you collect NFT letters and symbols to use them in GameFi. The best Solana (Marketplace) utilities, find collections, floors, . The whole parsing and analysis of the data happens fully automatically, no pararmeters need to be set into. Track every NFT in the collection by using the /rarity command set into a dedicated Discord channel, or globally. Beast Boy Club is a community focused NFT project, on both the Cardano and Solana Blockchains. is to look up NFT rarity for Ethereum and Solana NFTs respectively. com : The NFT Standard for Solana. We’re giving away 500 Solameleons worth. Every month billions of transactions are happening in NFT spaces. BeerBuddies are a Solana NFT collection consisting of 4,444 buddies who are ready to belly up to the bar & grab a drink together. That's right — your NFTs can pilot our NFTs in an already-complete retro role-playing game that pays out SOL to players. Each Boss Bull is 100% uniquely created by combining different traits to create an exclusive NFT. Solana hills housing - generative NFT homes for residents; apartments, . There are only 6,400 Cute and Collectible NFL player uniquely AI generated playing at home and touring away ! Soon to be integrated with P2E Games in Solana Metaverse. The public mint price for Kind Koalas is 1. The first NFT collectible that earns you passive rental income by simply holding! Be a landlord, earn passive income every month! 3,333 bedrooms available on Solana today! With this model, the floor price of Solana Room will be correlated with the total value in the pool of funds, resulting in Solana Room being backed by intrinsic value. We'll do our best to list SolChans on all of the major marketplaces: DigitalEyes, Solsea, Solanart. Design 2nd Generation NFTs, Incubus Reserved & discounted sale for holders of the Solana Succubus ( Keeping. We started as a submission to be another project's 3D artist. This renowned tool is home to over 870 NFT collections from major blockchains like Solana and Ethereum. net - Solana Droids was a collection of 115 uniquely generated NFTS on the Solana Blockchain. New Play to Earn NFT game on Solana. View the rarity rankings of your favorite NFT collection in a matter of seconds after reveal! Stage 2 has been deployed alongside a sneak peek of our new upcoming user-friendly design. The top 10 Discord Hot Bunnies NFT supporters with the most Discord Invites will win 20 Hot Bunnies Nfts, two Hot Bunnies NFT each as well as $1000 worth in SOL each. Fractual, the Solana NFT project is the next victim of scammers on Discord. An unknown cosmic event took place on a blockchain destroying the fabric of time. net - Solana Monke Rejects (SMR) is a collection of 6000 individually rendered 3D Monkes. In addition to the utilities listed above, each one of our holders will have access to our existing premium discord services. We are a close-knit team of developers and graphic designers. Solephants project, which aims to create passive income for NFT owners through %100 Royalities profit sharing. On the other hand, projects with thousands of NFTs will generally have around a handful of levels. 26 letters from "A" to "Z" + 4 special signs "!", ". December 2021: Phase #2 Minting 450 NFT Mint Watches on Solana, price 0. Rarity scores and ranks for Sherbet NFTs, Bear Game NFT, Official Dormant Dragons, Uncool Cats NFT, Dirty Dogs NFT, Chain Runners, Holy Heroes, METABILLIONAIRE, Gold Hunt Game, Monaco Planet Yacht, GalaXY Kats Universe, mfers, Swampverse, Ape Kids Club (AKC), ZenApe, Humans Metaverse, Thingdoms, CROAKZ by McGill!, Ranchy Rednecks, Coodles, The Indifferent Duck, Gunslingers Collection. We are an NFT project based on farm animals, especially aimed at technology and animal lovers, since (Twitter and Discord) Launch of the rarity table. Dream Apes is a collection of 4,888 NFTs which aims to build a community that fosters positivity, uplifts spirits, and inspires hopes and dreams through art that is relatable, pleasing to the eyes, and full of positive vibes. We launch collection of 555 Shiba Inu for Ukraine to help war victims. As such, we demonstrate how to develop an NFT rarity ranking dApp in just a few simple . While they have a website, SolRarity has its rarity checking services done on a Discord server. With the future launch of the Medallion of Memoria, a universe of digital and real-world events, perks and rewards for NFT holders await Join on discord . Algorithmically generated talisman of prosperity and fortune, living on the Solana Blockchain. The best bot for communities built around Solana NFTs. It gives operators access to the NFT rare status . Read more on the fourth faction here. Rarity integrates seamlessly throughout the MetaHelix ecosystem, including our Sales and . DEC 1st THE DAY OF THE UNMASKING. To check your NFT rarity ranking on SolRarity, head to their Discord server, and find the appropriate channels titled "Rarity-checker". Each Legendary Hero is a unique piece of art, drawn in anime/chibi style. App website is one of the most popular Solana-based NFT rating and of 140,000 happy users and discord members, the SolRarity website . Rarity in NFTs is becoming increasingly important. In this video we will show you how to Find Solana NFTs early before they release! This video will also include a rarity tool that helps you . The "Back-End" Then we went about creating the infrastructure for a website that can expect a heavy load. We have been working together for over 2 years. Discord All Collections; Upcoming; Get Listed; About Us; Contact; All Solana Collections. We have over 240 ultra-high quality traits, which allows us to create over 10 MILLION unique combinations. Nft now discord inkscape, and that virtual markets similar to those The card price, monkey kingdom nft rarity and objets d'art from the . Rarity nft solana rarity nft solana The selected collections will be revealed step by step. world: An NFT project that aims to spread happiness and cheer. They will conduct some unique IRL events at major NFT conferences for the NFT Holder. SolRarity is a 2,600 piece NFT collection stored on the Solana blockchain. Giveaway of 50 ULTRA RARE AND UNIQUE NFTs, only those who buy in the pre-sale participate. ai is an open marketplace to discover and collect unique art ( NFT ). By joining the Charm Dog you will be able to use it self-production by play games with your NFTs and earn in our metaverse-economy. You can list you NFT collection by contacting rarity. Machine, where you can fully customizable your PFP by combining two of your frogs. Advanced Twitter & Discord bots for Solana NFT creators. And Join our Discord And Twitter For Mint Link. So no comic book will be the same. Where to buy the NFT ? You can buy the cards on: Magic Eden, Solsea, Digital Eyes, Solanart, Matrica and Opensea. In a short space of time we have already secured partnerships with well. 1 SOLANA killer NFT project based on a collection of cute and deadly killer bunnies 3,885 members Join CRYPTO LUCHA CLUB Crypto Lucha is a collection of 6,969 strong luchadores NFT in Solana with traits inspired by the Mexican Lucha libre's most powerful and legendary features. 01 for both brands and consumers. Anyone who holds our NFT in their Solana wallets (not listed on secondary market) are directly eligible for a share of the convenience fee earned by the Casino. Metazens is a blockchain / platform agnostic NFT Collection and Metaverse-native brand. Welcome Devils to the JuJuverse. SOLDOGES are the first DOGE themed NFT on Solana Blockchain. The merge with technology was successful and humans became Cyborgs. Easily calculate rarity data for your collection with a single click, calculating statistical rarity values for your entire collection with rankings. How can I mint? The "mint" button in the menu of this website will take you to a platform where you can mint the Carroms. Chapter 1 is Published! MTZN Discord. Our founders are passionate about NFTs and Solana but also in filing a void in the NFT space for those that like to work hard and play harder! 😉. Pushing the boundaries of the current NFT culture, we embrace the values of community, collaboration, and reputation building. Get part in their various projects and enhance your overall NFT experience. A tool to check the authenticity of the SolChans will be released on our website: you will be able to check the authenticity by Token ID or marketplace link. SMB Gen2 is a collection of 5000 unique 24x24 pixels randomly generated Monkeys stored on the Solana blockchain. Check out the Solana Tech community on Discord - hang out with 124,088 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat. 4 Solana (SOL) per mint, so if you would like to mint 3 Kind Koalas it would cost 4. The metaverse is more fun, with a friend 🦉. Our NFT will be not only stakeable, hodlable but also playable in a funny p2e RPG game! This is what the Solana NFT world needs - us - The Family SOL. You can follow DeGods on Twitter and Join their Discord . Lunaroid community is determined to improve on a daily basis. Goofiez NFT AFTER THE NUCLEAR MELTDOWN, RADIATION SEEPED INTO A CANDY FACTORY - LEADING TO THE MALFUNCTION OF THE MACHINERY AND CHEMICAL X BEING USED INSTEAD OF SUGAR WHILE PRODUCING THE CANDY. The Degenerate Ape Academy is an NFT brand housed on the Solana blockchain. RarityMon is the most accurate NFT rarity tracker available, supporting thousands of NFT consumers everyday. app/tracker Community Utility We provide the rarity of 2200+ collections 150k members on Discord Behind the Scenes linktr. Every Puppy identity is a combination of hand-drawn arts and one-of-a-kind algorithmic outputs, which is why each SolPuppy is a rare, living, breathing work of art. If you want to find the best NFT to buy, upcoming NFT projects, what's the most expensive NFT - we'll provide you with the data, charts, insights and news you need. > Airdrops and exclusive giveaways for holders. With over 165 unique attributes, it gives a total mathematical combination of millions of unique Sollamas - but with only 10,000 being minted, some are more unique and rare than others. And if your NFT project is partner, you'll get special bonuses that will help you win more. We'll be building out a Rarity tool that will allow you to easily check the rarity of your Nifty Nanas Exclusive Giveaways and Airdrops to Community Members / Nana Holders To give back to the Solana community, we will be collabing with many NFT projects and giving them away to our biggest fans. 6 Best NFT Rarity Tools for 2022. *Not all Solana sales are processed through Solanart, but it is the most popular marketplace right now. AstroSphere is a collection of 4,444 unique players created from over 200 traits. We want to integrate the Solana blockchain NFTs into the hype of the Ethereum blockchain NFTs. Sie sind nach Uhrzeit und Tag der Veröffentlichung aufgelistet und enthalten Informationen zur Blockchain, auf der die Sammlung gehostet wird. We will develop for you an NFT minting website integrated with Solana or Etherum Smart Contract. Join us as we journey through the Deviant Bunnies meta-verse. An Entrance Nft would give you access to your room in one of the 3 buildings on our Entrance island. 12 populārākie Solana NFT tirgū (lai apgrieztu NFT tūlīt) 05 / 05 / 2022. Unirex is a NFT project based on Solana blockchain, with an innovation : Own To Earn (OTE). The Masonic Lizard's are in the final steps of their Solana metaverse domination plan. They will reward holders with a staking platform, a casino game, Metaverse integration and an upcoming on-chain game on Solana. Our pool includes Eth, NFTs, TBZ or exclusive merchandise! > Holders with two or more Bookiez can fuse and create an ALPHA. 3D designer van nfts on the Solana blockchain. NFT rarity has never been as easy to track as on Rarity Sniper. ly/List-Form Always #DYOR MetaRarity. Creating 2555 unique Enforcers dedicating all their efforts to promote the Solana Blockchain. 20 x 1 Eth will be given to 10 minters. Our bots support all solana marketplaces - Solanart, AlphaArt, SolSea, MagicEden and all others! We also offer Discord verification for NFT holders. Get verified on Solsea and Solanart. Powerful tools for open to everyone, not just the whales What is RarityMon? Rarity Mon is a discord bot and a website that allows you to check the rarity of your NFT in a collection. Enjin offers a suite of integrated products that make non-fungible tokens (NFTs) easy for individuals, businesses, and developers. 10,000 unique Chameleons that exist on the Solana blockchain. Only through unity can the blockchains defeat their common enemy. Don't worry, you came just in time, grab yourself a unique cigar NFT, kick back and watch the show. 13 Best Solana NFT Marketplaces. List on rarity sites Setup our community wallet. MDASH is a product-based Solana NFT project with community-driven development. The total sales volume for Solana Sneks - Solsneks was $0. Regardless, the rarity of an NFT within a project collection will provide a general range of the value. Rarity Sniper comes with a friendly user interface that lets you see all of your token's traits, rarity scores and ranks. At Metaplex, we believe that transparency is the foundation for building a robust community, and an open-sourced ethos drives everything we do. The chimps rule under an iron fist pushing the slaves to build their cities, develop their weapons and mine their coins. Gangsta Gators are committed to delivering the best value possible to Gator Holders, by developing multiple generations of Gators that each offer differing utilities within the 'Gangsta Ghetto' and '420 Club'. Rarity Tools - Unique rarity score for each NFT. This project is dedicated to our Wives, Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Daughters, Nieces and all the special women in our lives. 12 Best Solana NFT Projects / Collections in 2022. Solephants: 7070 unique generative NFTs with attributes and a rarity system. Learn more about Metaplex's impact in the last few months by reading our 2022 Q1 Report. All NFTs · Solana NFTs · Art · Collectibles · Domain Names · Music · Photography · Sports . ai, the user only pays for the blockchain charges. SOLEX l The metaverse watch on SOLANA. Solephants are 7070 randomly generated cute elephant NFT project on the Solana blockchain featuring passive income. We make NFT creation, minting, and tracking simple. The higher the rarity, the more Eth you will earn! ETHEREUM MINTING ON 07 May 2022. 15+ Best NFT Rarity Tools To Find Hidden Gems. Summarized instructions: 1) Send a Gen-1 Solana Doge to the following address in order to . The Ultimate Guide to Solana NFT Marketplaces. Esistono diversi mercati Solana NFT con funzionalità diverse. SolanaMonkeyBusiness is an NFT project on the Solana blockchain 5000 unique generative NFTs with attributes and a rarity system. As this is an original collection, all NFTs will have different Traits with unique rarity! The rarity bot will be live on our discord after the minting end!. Follow us on Twitter, join us on Discord and read our updates on Medium to stay up to date. RGFaber💰 (@directshotodia) / Twitter. Explore your individual Land plots, purchase buildings and other goods, implement mining/farming capabilities, among other things. They charge a 2% commission on all purchases on Solana. Each pirate is randomly generated from hundreds of hand drawn attributes ranging from common to super rare. Mint one (or a few) and play it with any Solana NFT. BBC's goal is to be the mediator between Cardano and Solana by bridging the two ecosystems together while also bringing value to its holders through its utility and unique innovation. This giveaway will end on November 22th, 2021. Solana Fox Corporation is a collection of 333 uniquely generated Foxes on the Solana Blockchain. Turtles NFT holders was included on the presale of Solana Islands and they also airdropped 222 Solana Islands. Find out how rare your Solana NFTs are. SolPunks - Punks on the Solana Blockchain ! Write the story of Solana! Own one of 10,000 unique SolPunks. Solana's first NFT based VC community. No two Sollamas will be the same. Solana Legends are equipped with a combination of distinctive armors, helmets, weapons and arcane powers, all beautifully illustrated. Feathers; Cofetti; Sparkles; Cherry Blossoms; Hearts; Rain; Orbs; Roses. Maximum Number of NFTs in this Collection*. We decided to be creative with our NFT Mint. SOLD OUT ! We are Sold Out !! Congrats to all Frenchies owner ️. Upcoming NFT Drops on Solana October 30, 2021 There is a lot to know about NFTs, Solana, Drops on Solana, and upcoming events that can lead to the potential purchase of your next. The Best Solana Nft Discord Servers: Crypto Idolz • 100k_Trees • Wishmasters Metaverse • MOODIES • The Meta Junkie Social Club •. Own, Earn, and Explore in the First Virtual City on Solana◎. - Mint 5,555 Solana Mask's from 5 various cultures in an effort to collect each culture. SKELLY GANG - SOLANA'S NFT TURF WAR. NFT SOLANA Calendar keeps you updated 150 Unique Cool Catty on their way to Solana blockchain with different traits and attributes varying in rarity. Our desire has not changed, but we want to take it to the next level. NFT colection with 3000 supply, Join their Discord soon and get whitelisted to have a 0,1 SOL mint discount!! Play To Earn. As the project grows, we plan to create one more character for the story and utilities. This isn't your typical NFT project where the team pops up overnight to make a quick profit. The rarity quality of an NFT heavily depends on the project. The Frenchies NFT is a collection of 2040 Frenchies. You’ll join one of 6 tribes, each with its own role to play. Too many opportunities to make money💰💰💰. The details about the NFTs rarity can be verified across two services - Rarity Tools and Rarity Sniper. Support wallets: Phantom wallet. The first collection consists of 5555 pcs of Dodo. And thus we can divide the team's plans into two main parts. We use a statistically accurate formula and show you how rare each attribute in your NFT is along with where it's ranked in the collection. The beyond brings us constant improvement and innovation. Home to JuJu Devils and other inter-dimensional JuJu beings. A continuation of the first comic book with limited number of copies available for sale. Already have an account? By registering, you agree to Discord's Terms of. FOR YEARS THEY'VE LOCKED UP AND TORTURED RIVAL GANG MEMBERS UNTIL ONLY TWO GANGS WERE LEFT STANDING. Solana Lands is the collection of 1333 algorithmically generated NFTs with different attributes and rarity levels. A Discord channel is also available and provides additional analyses of potentially rare NFTs. The data on this site comes from various NFT marketplaces and from the NFT project creators themselves. Upcoming Solana NFT drops. Welcome, we 💜 Solana because it's fast, secure, scalable, and has much lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum. Solana's scalability ensures transactions remain less than $0. Fractal is a new NFT (Non-fungible token) . These fabled Predators are now joining the hunt as they Rampage across the Solana Blockchain. Immortality instead of becoming the greatest. ✨The METACRAFT-WORLD NFT Project is the first fully on-chain P2E-Game on the SOLANA blockchain. MW is a 3D collection of 5600 NFTs living in the Solana blockchain. A limited NFT collection of 8888 Sloth NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Solana blockchain. We strongly believe that we can be degens, but also be well dressed and enjoy nice things. Solana NFT Project Fractal Becomes a Victim of Another Nasty Discord Attack. Your shark doubles as your access pass, unlocking holders-only utility that will only increase over time. Deep underground in the Solana City Sewers, abandoned crypto currencies and NFTs have formed together to create "Scumbag$" the antithesis of the Solana Blockchain! Our community has formed together (despite all odds) to become the underdog mint, the anti-rug project, and one of the coolest places to hang out and earn crypto with the homies that. 00 Average price SolRarity is a 2,600 piece NFT collection stored on the Solana blockchain. All sharks are family, we're always on the lookout for new ideas and community implementation, below is roadmap 1. Most checked collections in our Discord Last 24H. We aim to take a step further than most NFT projects of simply chatting in Discord. SolRarity - Powerful rarity tools built on the Solana blockchain. Yes, the rarity chart will become available straight after minting on our discord. Gangsta Gators are committed to delivering the best value possible to Gator Holders, by developing multiple generations of Gators that each offer differing utilities within the ‘Gangsta Ghetto’ and ‘420 Club’. With their accessibility-oriented design, the monkeys' goal is to invade the blockchain and spread their community. Trait Sniper - Best to find undervalued NFTs in realtime. Solanalysis is one of the most popular sites for getting an overview of the top projects, tracking their performance, and checking the rarity of individual items in various collections. The art itself is a top draw of DAA. We have compiled a list of upcoming Solana NFT drops so that you would not need to. MetaRarity (@metararity) / Twitter. Let’ s become together one of the biggest islands in the metaverse! PROVECTA. Select the chain Ethereum Solana Cardano Polygon/Matic Binance Tezos Fantom Wax Dfinity Algorand. Giveaway - 5 Hot Bunnies NFT will be raffled on IG LIVE among our Instagram followers. Masonic Lizards are very ritualistic, everything they do is planned in advance and strategically executed. Cartoon Cartel NFTs are available on every major Solana NFT marketplace. SolPunks (@PunksOnSolana). 10,000 Uniquely Engineered NFTs powered by Solana. From hats, glasses, necklaces, back blankets, beards to even the odd poop. The #1 NFT Rarity Tracking Platform. Your Sloths can breed, fuse and evolve . Play to Earn gaming and vector animated 9999 Shiba Inu DOGE NFT's programmatically generated and living on the Solana Blockchain and Arweave. Where can I check the rarity chart?. Our DAO-as-a-service will be accessible to everyone for a fee and free to use for all Kind Koala holders. Public Discord Servers tagged with Solana. I live on the Solana's blockchain, and I'm here to listen, talk and learn from you. Ventes de collections NFT à venir. Find Rarity Discord servers and make new friends! Top New Active Members Add Your Server. Candy Rabbit is a collection of over 4300 unique NFT random in Solana Blockchain. to go into further detail, we will make sure a rarity system is in place for ant lovers to check. Staking your lands will earn you $MONEY tokens as rental income. Award Whitelist for Discord Competitions and Activity; Deliver 1/1's and Legendary NFT's to OG's and Influencers; Project Launch; Dec 14/15 - Presale; Dec 16 - Public Mint; Dec 17 - Exchange Listing, Sales Bot, Rarity Chart, Grape Verification; Dec 23 - First community "Dinner Party" where the Battle Royale Mini-Game is launched. An exclusive collection of 1,111 Dragon NFTs on Solana, backed by a top team of NFT collectors, designers, community builders, and artists. SolChan_NFT Discord Open main menu. SolaLandHQ • Solana NFT Toolkit. NAMED & ANIMATED NFTS SCUMBAG$ NFT BENEFITS:-Base Discord Access-Market Alpha & Scam Alerts-Whitelist Opportunities. There are 4 levels of rarity to all parts of your soldier. 2K Followers Tweets Tweets & replies Media Likes. DegenSOL NFT is a project based on the most popular and beloved form of the Japanese comic "manga". Each SKULL is both a collectible art piece and also a skeleton key to our 2021 Halloween event: an entire month of NFT airdrops. Detailed ranking will be published soon after mint closes. Ownership of a Solana Runt secures a voting membership in the club. is: Find out how rare your Solana NFTs are. Your community will be able to check their NFT's attributes and rarity rank. Find out rarity of your Solana NFT, view market stats and analytics - HowRare. Building a strong community is the key to making a successful NFT project. 8,888 uniquely generated Shkary Sharks that have migrated to the cleaner and warmer network of Solana. Some traits are ultra-rare and some are 1-of-1! All AstroSphere Players are custom-generated, registered on the Solana blockchain, and are critical to the competitive operation of our ecosystem!. 2,706: 519: 1 SOL: 5000: 22/03/2022: MetaHelix. Sale of 11111 algorithmically generated Unirexes. Whatever your needs are our team will adapt to develop individual complex solutions. The team is best reached through our Discord. 3D Characters for the Metaverse Revolution. Moreover, we are planning to list our project on all major Solana NFT marketplaces. Twitter, Discord to support Solana NFT gallery 'embed' with Audius Web 3. Listing and minting are free in Artz. Your community will be able to check their NFT’s attributes and rarity rank. Besides, it has beautiful 32x32 pixels 1,010 NFTs unique randomly generated. With over 165 unique attributes your Sollama will be truly one of a kind. The MDASH Tool provides it's users with value from day zero. Monkey Baby Business is a collection of 3000 monkey baby NFTs that offers a suite of data driven premium platforms for Solana NFT minters, traders, . This is the first project of this type in which, in addition to the great emphasis on the high-quality artistic part of our NFT, we also took care of their owners by sharing the profits from both, secondary market royalties and our casino. Band together and help save the JuJuverse from its horrible fate by ‘assuming’ your position as a JuJu Devil on the Solana blockchain. We've worked under contract to create games on user-generated platforms for Samsung ($320 B), Epic Games ($28. Our first Own To Earn (OTE) product. Once you’re a verified Gator holder you’ll be welcome to both. MonkeyLeague combines high-production value, multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized finance to deliver an exciting, turn-based, . And thus we can divide the team’s plans into two main parts. Contact me on twitter for details! Setup is <10 minutes. 7,777 Infungibles will land on planet Earth, minted through Magic Eden launchpad at 22:22 UTC for 0. ✨ 10 WL Giveaway in our twitter ☘️. 000 NFTs to all their first discord users. Anal sex is great when its consensual that's why our protocol is not ETH but solana. market is an open NFT marketplace on Solana, and so far they have had quite a strong and steady head start since the launch of the platform in September 2021. As a MetaGoblin NFT owner, you'll have exclusive access to a variety of content, early access to new features, special events, exclusive merchandise, and more. THE LEADERS OF THESE TWO GANGS DON THEIR INFAMOUS BLACK AND WHITE SUITS. Twitter Logo Twitter · Discord Logo Discord · Instagram Logo . You've neverseen a BoredApe NFT together with a CryptoPunk NFT in one collection. The first fully-fledged NFT marketplace on Solana. Alexander Suchy's second NFT collection is a collaboration with Mexican digital artist Maria Keller and honors the Mexican tradition Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). VARIABLE RARITY RANKINGS CAN BE CHECKED ON DISCORD VIA METAHELIX. I 12 migliori mercati NFT di Solana (per capovolgere NFT. Runts dressed up as punks, using the power of the collective as a public good. Creators know what they are selling, collectors know what they are buying. is on Twitter from the main Twitter account of your NFT project. About TIME VARIANTS NFT For thousands of centuries the delicate fabric of time remained tightly woven together forming one unified dimension. The total sales volume for ArtPunks Solana was $0. 0 ArtPunks Solana NFTs were sold in the last 7 days. SolRarity NFT Rarity Checker is the platform where you can check the Rarity of your NFT on Solana Blockchain. We commit 50% of our royalties to be shared with holders. We know for a fact (seriously, we surveyed people. Sources for Solanart July-Aug volume (first 54 days) and OpenSea's last 30 day volume. See the rarest CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Hashmasks, Gutter Cat Gang and many more NFT collections. Originally it was 10,000 NFTs, but we lowered it to to increase the rarity and strengthen the community. A utility project that promises to bring Art and DeFi together. 400k Discord members & 650+ collections on Ethereum, Solana & more! 5555 generative 3D collectables minted on the Polygon . By purchasing a Fox, you are invited to be a part of the special SFC club that provides unique and exclusive perks such as, Airdrops, tickets to future NFT launches, DAO Participation, and fun events! Mint - 303. A collection of 10,000 unique, generative reaper agent NFTs minted on the Solana Blockchain. If you find this project useful, please support us by following Milktoast and KryptoJ on Twitter! Features. Nachstehend findest du eine Liste der bevorstehenden Verkäufe von NFT-Sammlungen. They are the coolest looking DOGE NFT's on Solana Chain. The first NFT collection in Solana Network with a dedicated Virtual Casino. This giveaway will end on November 22th. Meta Key Society NFT JOIN OUR DISCORD AND GET A CHANCE TO WIN FREE NFT GIVEAWAY. We provide a fair ranking for all collections by applying the same ranking calculation method. Rarity Chart; Milestone 4: Hatchery Launch (80% royalty being given back to holders) Spread the word about the cause and meanwhile flaunt a little about your NFT Join out Discord, be a part of the Igloo DAO & encourage others to join and bring the change. " and trading NFTs, SolPort users have access to Rarity Filtering, Auctioning, Telegram and Discord notifications, and activities within the marketplace. A unique copy of the comic book will be auctioned online. Euphorian Apes Club is a collection of 2220 Euphorian Apes NFTs spreading beauty, courage and elegance onto the Ethereum blockchain. To check your NFT rarity ranking on SolRarity, head to their Discord server, and find the appropriate channels titled “Rarity-checker”. This includes communication in the Discord channel, helping new members of the community, creating various memes about the project, drawing art . Launching on the Solana Blockchain. Sol Charm dog is an NFT collection combined with a metaverse-game which is being developed on the Solana blockchain. By purchasing a Fox, you are invited to be a part of the special SFC club that provides unique and exclusive perks such as, Airdrops, tickets to future NFT launches, DAO Participation, and fun events! Mint – 303. In Solana Lands, Civilians will be able to purchase algorithmically generated lands. Not only do the Fourth Faction Aliens look cool, these NFTs are also . ישנם מספר שווקי NFT של Solana עם תכונות שונות. And now even you can be a golden Yoda in a Metaverse. 0 Sales (7 days) 2,600 Collection size. Your Rogue Shark serves as your digital identity, opening new doors for you. Ci-dessous, une liste des ventes de collections NFT à venir. com📍 Etherium NFT marketplace: https://opensea. Each Lord NFT grants access to holders-only benefits and is also a ticket into the SHOL. The inventors of the Paper Hands Bitch Tax. We believe the Solana NFT ecosystem is set to flourish over. This is a good moment to hop back to Discord and see what others minted. January 16, 2022 by decentralizedcreator. Rarer the NFT, higher the reward. Instead, a decentralized, open-source blockchain, such as Ethereum or Solana, circulates and verifies most NFTs. Solanart is the first and largest fully-fledged NFT marketplace on Solana. The NFTs are split into commercial and residential lands. The prize could be for example an NFT from another famous collection. Top Rarity Discord Servers. SOL Flowers is an ambitious utility project that aims to connect NFT art with a DeFi DEX into a single Flowerverse. 50% of mint proceeds will be sent to the SHOL treasury for utility funding. Rarity integrates seamlessly throughout the MetaHelix ecosystem, including our Sales and Listing announcers, and even Account Verification by letting users query NFTs by. SolRarity provides powerful rarity tools on Solana. Each Sollama is generated with attributes based on rarity. Tweet from Little Lemon Friends about the Discord scam What is a 2fa? A hack/bypass scam called bypass 2fa is where hackers bypass two-way authentication. They have large bodies, a protruding jaw, and narrow, beady eyes. Creamy Friends are the 2nd Generation of NFTs from CryptoCream Studios. The average price of one Solana Sneks - Solsneks NFT was $-. A collection of 2050 unique NFT waifus living on Solana blockchain. DAO is coming! Each NFT will give you a voting right in our DAO. Currently, there is no listing fee / refunding fee on Solport. of this together into a successful project which means a large amounts of money will go into growing the communities on discord, telegram and twitter the right way. Solport is an NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain that offers user Auctioning, Rarity Filtering, Discord/ Telegram notifications for the marketplace activity, and much more. What is an NFT? We're apes, not nerds. A war is taking place, between rival blockchains and the government. 1 upcoming NFT projects’ calandar NFTsniper. Expect classic Unirex shit (Weed,Booze, tattoos and exciting adventures). Continue to grow discord and twitter. The percentage of rewards will depend on the rarity of the NFTs. The SaaS tool runs completely on our Servers and works with all Devices and Browsers. The average price of one ArtPunks Solana NFT was $-. Get quick and easy access to digital collectibles and explore, buy and sell NFTs from different collections and artists. Already built variations of that for other well known NFT projects. It wasn't long before Solana NFTs began to show their clout. Whitelisted collectors can request for a their Solanuts to be featured in their own comic making it a unique comic. We feature the best NFT drops and upcoming nft events across all platforms and marketplaces, explaining the buying process and details which NFT wallets can be used. Cute Cursors - Custom Cursor for Chrome. And the Rarity of the NFT will determine the outcome of those adventures. Every SKULL features original artwork and is randomly and uniquely assembled from over 400k total options. When you identify your discord account, connect your solana wallet and sign the verification message, the system collects and stores your discord ID and your wallet's public address When you send !verify to the verification bot through discord with a transaction sent from your wallet to itself, the system collects and stores the same info as above. The artist created each Ape in hyper-realistic fashion, unlike much of the pixel art seen in today’s NFT landscape. ECMC aims to help endangered animals on our planet through multiple donations to wildlife funds and charities as well as through building a community, dedicated to saving the wildlife. CHEMICAL X COMBINED WITH THE RADIATION COMING FROM THE MELTDOWN CAUSED DRASTIC CHANGES TO THE WAY THE CANDY WAS BEING PRODUCED. Home Roadmap FAQ Rarity ChanChecker SolChan_NFT Discord. Questa diversità potrebbe rendere difficile scegliere e forzare la non fungibilità per la prima volta. Civilians will be able to mint these lands with Solana. MetaHelix is a platform that features a suite of Discord tools designed to support the needs of Solana NFT collections. Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 170+ unique traits with varying rarity across categories. Once you find a project that interests you and do . This Coin will be used to participate in hosted events like Auction or Raffle. NFT Collections NFT Sales Rarity Explorer NFT stats gives you the latest information about the NFT space. Python + selenium ) multi wallet ( you can add as many wallets as you need, for those rare drops with 1 tx per wallet) captcha support ( will be added) proxy support (each thread has its own proxy) anti rug and scam safety mechanism. According to a thousand-year-old legend, the charming dog fell to earth straight from another planet. 12 שווקי NFT המובילים של Solana (כדי להעיף NFTs עכשיו. Metamask / Phantom and other wallets integration. Solana Drink is a crypto coin based on Solana Ecosystem. NFT marketplaces, including those on the Solana network, provide a gateway for new investors to start building their collections, and for creators to sell valuable art.