mercury outboard idle problems. Bad day fish beats work 50hp Mercury four stroke 100 hour service dont spend 400$ MERCURY 2 STROKE OUTBOARD POOR IDLE TROUBLESHOOTING WITH SIMPLE SOLUTION how to fix no spark outboard FIXED my rough Idle + stall problem 60HP EFI Mercury Outboard 2005 Four stroke engine. Mercury Verado 350 Mercury is showcasing the new Verado 350 on some big offshore angling boats with triple and quad motors. Portable Mercury Outboard fuel consumption chart: Mercury 3. *The ACU is more sensitive than some . 1983 90 hp mariner outboard idle problems. No more stalling, motor runs like new. If your outboard motor will not throttle up, the issue may be as simple as a tangle. You can usually see a part of the diaphragm through a small hole on the back of the pump. The two things that need regular maintenance or may cause problems are the impeller and thermostat. Mercury 115hp fourstroke EFI Problems (motor falls passed Idle) Ive been trying to get my uncles party barge running for him, its been sitting for a year. Rather, an overnight soak in carb cleaner with a disassembled carb for each carb will quickly resolve the problem completely. They run well at cruising speed and WOT. 1986 90 hp v6 mercury wiring schematic. its a three cylinder, tri-carb, 2-stroke. It seemed to run fine and the water was pissing out the tube normallyerr so I thought til I ran it yesterday. Internal rusting in the forward cable may also cause this. Throttle Position Sensor Troubleshooting Mercury 150 175. – Find the point where the indicator stream hose connects to the fitting that goes through the cowling and out side. The above are symptoms of fuel injectors that might be gummed-up, dirty, clogged , rusty or those that might have electrical problems. Both run rough at idle in neutral, and will eventually stall, unless I increase the engine speed. 9HP/15HP (4 Stroke Bigfoot), 20HP/25 HP (2 Stroke) 10 Spline Tooth 10 3/8 x 13 /Outboard Propeller for Mercury SeaPro/Marathon 25 HP Engine Motor 48-19640A40. Impeller Mercury 15 hp 2 strokes problems,green white slime or goop in and out of the carburator. It's highly recommended to follow the idle mixture adjustment procedures in the factory repair manual. Boat Propeller for Mercury Outboard 9. If the spark is good, make sure the air gap in between is according to the needed specification. After the first hour of break-in, when I came to a stop, the motor was idling between 1800 and 2000 rpm. If your outboard will not throttle up or your outboard motor dies at idle frequently, chances are you may have problems with your spark plugs. Check Engine Light Illumination The check engine light may come on due to failure of the variable camshaft timing (vct) solenoids. The extended time required for this process means that a flushing attachment may not. Mercury notes that this procedure should be used when flushing the engine after use in salty or dirty water, and also as a part of preparing the outboard for storage. Our Mercury Marine Parts technical expertise also allows PPT to provide our boating customers with direction regarding Direct Replacement Mercury Outboard Parts options. Usually the carbs are in a designated position. The 40, 50 and 60hp models are available with either standard or BigFoot gearcases. In the case of a fuel-injected engine, the injector could be partially stuck open. when typing mercury platinum cables online, can only find 'CC189 MERCURY/MERCRUISER GEN II cables'. Mercury FourStrokes have long led the pack with clean, quiet, fuel-efficient outboard power, and now the gap grows even wider. Idle speed in neutral is listed as 650 RPM when fully warmed up. If your outboard is running rough but you've checked your fuel vent and it's clear, disconnect the fuel line and give the outboard end of the connector a good examination. 40HP Mercury outboard question/problem. Ive got a Mercury 30hp 4 stroke year 2000. Then, push the control lever forward to the "Forward idle" position. Disconnect the Mercury Outboard switch and reset, if the engine fires, replace the Mercury Outboard switch. There are many problems related to the outboard's hard core parts; here are more details: The Motor The motor often doesn't start right away. Some of these problems can also be caused by a bad injector connectors, fuel pump or bad gas. When this happens your motor will start and idle just fine and even accelerate to a point before it bogs down. They think the boat is two big for the engine and that is why the rpms are running 1200 rpm under nominal. Check the fuel system step by step, from the tank to the motor. One is if those are dirty because of the excess debris, carefully disconnect and remove them. Outboard mercury problem Recent Topics. In case you cannot find the spark, there are two easy ways to deal with spark plugs. But the biggest surprise was just how big a blastoff these new engines would be. are done with the maximum timing screw and idle timing screws. i think it may be idling to low how do you adjust this? on previous outboards (2 stroke) ive owned there was a little. This item: Mercury Quicksilver New Marine Idle Air Control Valve, 862998. Mercury 75 HP 2-Stroke Outboard Service Manual. I would find this out asap so you dont burn up the motor from being lean. An 8 hp Mercury outboard uses the following plugs, depending on the model. I measured it and it ended up only being about 1 and 1/4 inch lower than stock. 2002-2007 Mercury 40/50/60 HP 4-Stroke Repair Manual. The problem is it will start up cold with a prime or two and idle for about a minute then die out. Causes problems with the ACU processing. The 250R outboard has the muscle to lift a heavy tournament boat out of the hole plus the deep-breathing power and high-performance components required to reach outrageous speeds, with confidence. 8 outboard stopped starting last month. posted 07-21-2011 11:30 PM ET (US) I have twin 2000 Mercury OptiMax 225-HP outboard engines with 600 hours. Carburetor mixing chamber cover is leaking air. I have 4160 Holley (1850-3) to be exact. Ans: First, loosen the throttle cable adjuster jam-nut with wrenches. The thermostat of an inboard plays a very crucial role in warming the engine to a satisfactory operating temperature. The problem is corrosion of the engine lower tray which produces so much oxide that it compresses the rubber seal where the cold water feed pipe from the pump comes. Our new 2021 Mercury was having idle issues such as high rpm at idle and irregular idle speed. Problems with carburetors on this Mercury motor are very common. Engine fails to run and has no spark. Your outboard stator is the "powerhouse" of your outboards ignition system. A jam between the link in the shift rod and shift lever can also cause this. They provide voltage to your switchbox or CDM's. Re: 199 40HP 2 stroke Merc stalls at low idle idle circuit is the first thing to check, when a motor "pops" it means its running lean generally caused by gummed up idle circuit passages and you will notice if you choke it the popping will go away. Whatever is in my old fuel tank is only about one or two months old. Outboard design technology continues to push the envelope for the 2020 model year, with Mercury rivaling Yamaha with a pair of new 400 HP+ entries into the mega power mix. I would shut the motor down put it in. The Mercury 115 EFI four-stroke outboard is an in-line 4-cylinder that is made from the same 1. Submitted by joel88 on Mon, 2012-08-27 19:36. Generally, if it is not a problem with lack of raw water flow or fresh water, the heat exchanger will be the cause. Use a small adjustable wrench or screwdriver and rotate the idle adjustment 1 . 220 HP 200 HP 175 HP 150 HP 135 HP 115 HP 90 HP 70 HP 60 HP 50 HP 45 HP 35 HP 25 HP 20 HP 9. This extra air leans out the air to fuel ratio but raises the idle anywhere from 100 to 500 RPM based on the amount of air. A Canadian fellow with a Mercury 9. Idle speed in neutral is factory set at 950 ± 50 RPM and 900 ± 50 RPM when in gear. Details and data provided herein apply to 2002+ Mercury outboard 150, 175, 200 electronic fuel injection engines with a starting serial number of 0T409000 and above. I could put it in neutral and bump the rpm's up and alarm would go off. You should have gotten a full literature package with all the owners . The water is pretty hot coming out of the telltale, but it has a good flow. Mophorn Outboard Remote Control 881170A15 Boat Motor Side Mount Remote Control Box with 8 Pin fit for Mercury Outboard Engine PT. By RD9, June 29, 2014 in This Old Boat. The engine on the boat or watercraft runs smooth but the watercraft has a hard time getting on plane. Mercury outboard motor was made for the saltwater. posted 07-22-2009 10:36 PM ET (US) In this day an age of advanced motors, these Mercury 115-HP motors are a throwback to the stone age of outboards. Fuel in an outboard is NOT under pressure until it gets to the downstream side of the pump [which is usually inside the carb]. 9 4 stroke kicker became difficult to start and impossible to keep running at low to medium idle speed. I've got a 150 HP Mercury Optimax and on a trip a few months back the alarm was going off (constant high pitched beep). Search: 50 Hp Mercury Outboard Idle Adjustment. Mercury outboard won't start after warmed up. Spark jump was checked, ok on all cylinders. Full throttle in gear I get about 20% power (if that) and can only get to about 3600 rpms. Also See My review of the Sea Hunt BX 22 BR bay boat with Mercury 150 4 Stroke. My problem now is that both motors idle at about 600 rpm's. Mercury 4-Stroke Outboard Boat Motor Service Manuals for. that I have been out, I have noticed that my outboard is idling too high ( 1100 rpms). Carburetor Troubleshooting. I put in gear and can run around all day at idle speed. However, the real volume for this outboard may be in single-engine installations on pontoons, multi-species and bay boats, and in mid-size center consoles, where it could replace twin 200-hp motors. But currently- my idle spark at at notch 11. oil to gas ratio for 1996 mercury 6 hp. This outboard has starter of the electric type and power steering as well. So, now you know the problems behind imperfect mercury outboard Shift Shaft alignment. Loosen the locknut so you may adjust the idle stop screw on the stop bracket until the motor idles at the factory recommended rpm in the forward . My 90hp Mercury/Tracker is a piece of junk. My 97-98 Mercury 40hp outboard won't start after it has warmed up. I checked all the fuel hoses from the tank all the way to the outboard, replaced primer . Why is my Mercury outboard overheating? The most common cause of outboard motor overheating is water pump failure. 2002-2005 Mercury 40 50 60 EFI Repair Manual 4-Cylinder, 4-Stroke. Mercury Mariner Outboard 75 HP Service Repair. First, you need to check the ignition spark with a spark tester. Also, if I run across the lake, turn it off for a while to fish, when I go. Changed water pump and thermostats (water pump only 2 months old). oil mix ratio for 1990 mercury outboards. og990793 2000 mercury 40hp outboard repair manuel. MERCURY Outboard Motor Fault Code № - VesselView Short Text -VesselView Long Text - Action Text. It’s highly recommended to follow the idle mixture adjustment procedures in the factory repair manual. Mercury Outboard Motor Stroke Problems 4 [3P8BLY] Clean the engine: Wipe down all over. 1978 80 Mercury Outboard IDLE ADJUSTMENT. Posted by Larry on Sep 10, 2012. I expect to run Rec 90 fuel in that outboard from now on and maybe I'll be able to avoid another VST cleaning job. The all new Mercury FourStroke V6 outboard motor line has a new look, as well as a new powerhead. 1994 Mercury O/B 150 hp EFI Optimax. Problem 1: Gear Is Too Stiff to Shift Forward. It planes around 3000rpm and seems happy to run there. This was very unusual because that is a great motor, and it has always started on the first or second pull since I bought it 3 years ago. 3 Common Mercury 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Problems: 1. PDF Mercury 15 Hp 2 Stroke Oners Manual. This fuel pump fits the Mercury 40HP 4-stroke outboards made between 1999 and 2001. I decided to blog about the repair in the hope it helps someone with a similar problem. This INSTANT DOWNLOAD 65 horsepower Mercury, Mariner, Yamaha, Suzuki, Johnson and Evinrude outboard engine repair manual was designed for do-it-yourself mechanics and factory trained technicians. How important is having the correct spark timing on an outboard? My Merc 25 2-stroke with mechanical spark adjustment should be set to the 25 notch at 3500rpm and the 6 notch at idle. 1965-1989 Service Manual Application: 2 hp To 40hp 2 Stroke 1 & 2 cylinder engines. However, enough information in 100 horsepower outboard repair manuals is given for do-it-yourself or apprentice mechanics to correctly and safely perform. Have to snap one end of the link rod sockets off the ball mount, then turn. Idle down and the alarm would come on. outboard FIXED my rough Idle + stall problem 60HP EFI Mercury Outboard 2005 Four stroke engine!2009 Mercury 50HP Outboard Mercury outboard running rough - Final fix and engine runs - Troubleshooting Part 3 Pinpointing Problems On a Outboard Motor Mercury Outboard Runs Then Dies // Try This Before You See Mechanic. In a few days, squeezing the primer bulb does less and less, possibly. Once the motor idles on its own, it is warm enough to operate. In this case the injectors will need to be cleaned or replaced. I have a 1998 150 Opti w/o any problems! I have a Opti 200XS with no engine problems. Because of their design and how they operate, electronic fuel injected outboard engines require less maintenance than a standard 4 stroke carbureted engine. NOTE: Mercury DOES NOT Use Model Years For Parts Lookup. This carburetor fits Mercury 9. After my rebuild it still had the problem but now had many others due to BAD WORK. Reference Only, Since Many Aftermarket Parts Manufacturers DO List Parts By Year. Starting Serial Number 0T178500. If it has trouble like this, move to step five. Solvent cleaned all parts, replaced Alarm unit and Neutral Safety switch. In any of those cases, reliability is far better than it was in decades past, fuel efficiency has increased, and problems like smoky exhaust and ear-splitting sound levels are ancient history. I have a 2012 90HP Mercury 4-stroke EFI running rough at idle, I am sorry to hear you are having these problems with your boat. These idle mixture adjustment tuning procedures apply the Mercury outboards manufactured between 1965 thru 1989—specifically 45-HP to 115-HP models. mercury 15 hp MERCURY 2 STROKE OUTBOARD POOR IDLE TROUBLESHOOTING Page 4/16. It could get so bad at idle that it becomes really challenging to steer the boat in some cases. Common Problems of Rough Idle: Radio Frequency Interference (RFI): Most commonly caused by use of non-resistor spark plugs. Problem 3: Outboard Stuck In Gear Sometimes, the outboard may just be stuck in gear. To begin the idle adjustment, after you have turned your engine on, the next thing you have to turn the idle screw, one which is usually surrounded by a spring and found at the lower part of the Johnson Outboard Motor. 9 was run every day on my Mercury inflatable dinghy for at least ten minutes. The outboard motor's trolling/idle speed of 650 - 750 r/min is under the control of the idle air control system. Shift the outboard engine into forward gear. A faulty or failing stator can cause one or more symptoms. I have a 1987 35hp mercury outboard motor,, runs great out of the water. 40 hp mercury outboard will not idle - becoska. 1965-1989 Mercury Outboard Idle Mixture Adjustment. What's more convenient than using our simple Mercury Direct Online Diagrams to shop from the convenience of your home. If you're having Yamaha or Mercury outboard fuel pump problems, you're no doubt feeling frustrated. Many other components from its beefy big brother is used as well. Suzuki outboard engine not running smoothly at idle. Stalling and rough gear change has also been . I have a 2007 (225) Opti, and I had a similar problem. It might be something as simple as the carburetor idling screw needing a small adjustment, so check that first and adjust it if needed. The Boating Forum - 90 hp 3cyl 2 stroke mercury idle problems - Well I just stepped up from a jon boat to a 17' key west with a 1998 mariner . C/consoles are notorious for hard shifting and steering because of the number. Even after starting, it remains idle - sometimes changing the choke position helps, but not always. (Within the mega-horsepower range, ­Suzuki’s V-6 DF350 hits the scales at 727 pounds, and Seven Marine’s V-8 527 weighs in at 1,094. where's the idle screw on a mercury 50 hp outboard; wheres idle screw on mercury outboard 80hp; whht is the fuel to oil mixture on a 1996 mercury outboard motor 75 horse power; which 2 stroke oil - mercury outboards; which way do i turn the air adjustment screws on a mercury outboard; which way does the impellor go in 115 mercury; who makes. Damaged or faulty fuel pump diaphragm. I bought [a Mercury OptiMax 150-HP outboard motor] used and have had [problems with hard starting and rough idle] from day one. Another important consideration - if you're. How you do this depends on the outboard, some have camps, some are just a pressure fit barbed fitting, etc. If the voltage is less than 9 1/2 volts during cranking there is a problem in the battery s or the Ignition switch Box. The year is now normally noted on the serial number sticker. It cranks and acts like it wants to start, but it will take many turns of the key before it actually fires up (sometimes it will start up but only stay running for a few seconds). In any of those cases, reliability is far better than it was in decades past, fuel efficiency has increased, and problems like smoky exhaust and ear-splitting sound levels are ancient histo. You might notice that it chokes or is slow in starting. Engine starts and idles just fine. the rod to lengthen or shorten overall length to obtain desired settings. Sep 21, 2018 · Re: 90hp mercury outboard bogs under load Originally Posted by burkstar Im having a similar problem but starts no problem, idles nice, revs round to 5200rpm and maintains that without missing a beat but getting the boat onto the plan ( 1800-2200 Rpm) the engine bogs to the point that if you try to get away fast it stalls / cuts. My dealer has the Big foot lower unit only in stock and recommends it over the standard gear case. In the water with a load it starts and idles great,, when i throttle up a little it starts to loose a cylinder. Outboard motors require that you start them up and hold the gas until they can idle on their own. if it is new enough the throttle is electric,you may have a bad throttle position switch or a idle increase switch that is stuck in the increase position,or possibly a bad throttle body. Mercury 2-stroke 125 hp stalling issues at idle. Insert a screwdriver into the Mercury's idle adjustment screw, located at the bottom of the carburetor, . To date I've confirmed fresh fuel with no H20 in it, put new gaskets in the fuel pump, changed an ignition coil and changes the spark plug wires. Yamaha Four Stroke 20HP Outboard Engine. By: Ron Shelton on 24 March 2020. This has been solved with the new Opto XS drive shafts being SS. Work through the system methodically as Vic advises. Compare that to the 952-pound ­Yamaha 425 XTO, a V-8. 2002+ Mercury 150hp, 175hp, 200hp EFI Repair Manual. Your engine's RPM range is important in choosing the right propeller for a given. Improper clamping between the lower and upper outboard could be one reason. Loosen it by turning the screw Counter ClockWise, which is one turn to 1 and one-fourth. Put a new fuel filter in make sure you pre fill the filter with fresh fuel before you start it. Then, push the control lever forward to the “Forward idle” position. smartcraft communication problem sob-02-03 25-feb-2003. 4 Cylinder InLine, 4 Stroke DOHC, 16 Valves. eng iii Name / function: Mark D. Instead, it introduced a completely new line of four-stroke V-6 3. It hesitates and then stays at low rpm's. Anytime you have a problem with an outboard, always check the owner's manual for tips and tricks. Hopefully, you have realized how to solve the misalignment. Gearcase interchange: All 2 liter, 2. Your remote control has a lever for neutral idle which doubles as a choke. im running a 2003 mercury 60 HP elpto bigfoot on a 4. Some mercury one piece plates come with dump holes that are too big to accomplish the 15 lbs. Just today I have noticed a major problem. If you bring that lever up before you start and then start it will work just fine. Outboard motor designs vary depending on make and model, but all operate on similar principles. 0 liter driveshaft oil seal carrier kit sob-07-06 25-apr-2007. and Mercury customer service is non existant. Identifying problems early cuts repair costs, and in some cases can keep you from having to replace the lower unit altogether. Return to port Immediately ‑ Service engine. I have my 1994 Mercury 150EFI XRI which has a rich idle. Run with the Mercury Racing 250R on. 3: gross misfiring , caused by bad spark or bad fuel mix. If the idle jets are quite badly plugged, there is not an opening for the sea foam to start to work its magic. The idle adjustment is on the underside of an outboard carburetor. Steam/smoke out of telltale until in gear and hitting about ~1200 rpm. Outboard Fuel Line Problems. It covers everything to fix/repair your Mercury Mariner Outboard. Mercury Outboard Motors - Online Shop/Service/Repair Manuals Download Mercury Mariner Outboards 45 Jet 50 55 60 HP Models Service Manual Original Mercury Mariner Outboards Service and Repair Manual. 7 liter block and powerhead used in the 200-hp Verado. Verado four-stroke outboards: No description of using flush muffs is shown in the manual, only the engine's hose-adapter fitting. I am not a marine engine mechanic but this is a fix that. 95 per download! If you have a dirty old paper copy of this manual or a PDF copy of this manual on your computer and it crashed we can help!. I hadn't checked/thought about the water absorption stuff you linked to. The only way top keep it running, after some starting fluid was at full fast idle in neutral. I wanted to reach out to the Bass Cat family concerning a performance issue with my Mercury 250 ProXS/Eyra. These manual are designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge to do justice to everything from your outboard's basic maintenance to a more in-depth service and repair. They charge your vessel's battery (s). I got a problem on my 200hp 2 stroke outboard mercury. A downloadable version of the factory manual is available from this site. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 11, 2011. accessories mounted to mercury outboard engines sob-13-15 25-nov-2013. I have a project boat and I knew that when I bought the boat. I have been having trouble keeping it running at idle. All, I am having some issues with my Mercury motor. Outboard Idle Problems | Outboard Won't Idle | Outboard Engine Won't Stay Running | Boats. The engine is a 1988 Mercury 135 V6 Mercury Outboard. I have a 2002 50HP 4-stroke Mercury outboard that I have oil leaking from but its not from the lower unit. Sounds like a carburetor adjustment is needed. When running on only two cylinders they are not particularly smooth at idle speeds. I have the same outboard and had the same issues till I understood how to start it. I'm running a renegade prop 13 1/2 x 23 4 blades, I notice that running at 5800rpm motor sounds as if it is running at mid range rpm, so I kept pushing throttle to see what kind of rpm I would spin at WOT and to my surprise it goes all the way up to 6600rpm!!!!. This will be all the information that you need to know about what problems Mercury Verado Engines have had, through the years. 4 mm) above the water line when the engine is run-ning at idle speed. This troubleshooting guide will help you determine why your 9. Replace the gasket or the screws may need tightening. YouTube Video Of Motor Running. Why A Boat or An Outboard Will Have A High Idle In Neutral! High idles are caused primarily by too much air entering the engine after the intake. Your outboard engine's ignition system is responsible for igniting the gas, firing up the engine, and keeping it running. at idle though, it has this random popping, almost like a back fire, accompanied by a quick puff of smoke out of the starboard side of the motor. How do you adjust the idle on a Mercury 150? Idle Speed Adjustment. Next, extend or contract the adjuster until the cable moves the throttle to the idle position. This on the water review is based on a two-year evaluation of a production Mercury 9. A faulty idle indicates a more complex problem that should be diagnosed. Each 65hp engine repair manual covers every aspect. Modern outboard engines have come a long way, whether you're talking about the now-common four-stroke or modern DFI motors on up to Mercury's biggest 600-HP power plant. On idle speed work fine but when i rise the accelerator or rpm engine go down and stop. 5HP 4HP 5HP 6HP Outboards replace 3R1-03200-1 3AS-03200-0 3R1-03200-1-00. So your fuel supply system must be perfect to keep it running at . Hi All,I have a 2nd hand Mercury 15HP 2 stroke outboard motor. The usual cause is the jet itself being blocked, but if that's ruled out, something else is obstructing the fuel flow. Boulogne sur mer & Marbella Spain. oil pump 1996 mercury outboard 175 hp. The 200 horsepower dual overhead cam four-valve design weighs in at a surprisingly svelte 475 pounds, (for a point of comparison the next lightest 200 hp powerplant is the 2. 2001-2002 Mercury 115 HP Service manual application: Mercury Outboard motor 01-02 Mercury 115 HP (115HP) EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) outboard engine. Check the fuel filter and clean or replace it if it is dirty or clogged. The engine's specifications, performance, price and proposed applications are discussed by an editor who has both run this new Verado outboard aboard a variety of boats and also visited the factory. 9 HP owners will consider a non-starting issue to include the following: Problem: Engine Surges or Runs Uneven. I'm considering replacing my 75 hp two stroke ten year old mercury with a new 60 hp Mercury four stroke. Mercury boasts that the new 400 Verado is the lightest in the monster class, and with a starting weight of 668 pounds for its lightest version, it is. Replaces Mercury part numbers 883072T, 854515T1, 854515, 856748 This new rectifier is a "6-Wire" w/ Fuse Plug kit, it's designed for several applications for both Mercury Outboard from 30-200HP and Force 40-150 HP. Motor usually starts OK and idles fine and will rev up to h …. The Mercury 150 Four-Stroke outboard was introduced in 2011, to much fanfare. It is a 1996 alumacraft trophy with a 1996 Mercury 125 2-stroke motor. If forced, it will run for a few minutes and then stop. Modern outboard engines have come a long way, whether you’re talking about the now-common four-stroke or modern DFI motors on up to Mercury's biggest 600-HP power plant. It could be due to tied wires to the cable. Boating/Engine - Information/Questions - Trouble Shooting - Quick Fixes Firstly I was under the impression that the fast idle lever was actually the choke (Stupid I know) and didn't realise the whole push key to choke. Performance new Mercury FourStroke 115 EFI. By "fuel is fine", I simply meant it hadn't gone bad/sticky/gummy. The motor often cannot run at high speed. At idle, the fuel enters the carburetor through a small idle port A great resource to keep in the dinghy — Outboard Troubleshooting for . i think it may be idling to low how do you adjust this? on previous outboards (2 stroke) ive owned there was a little screw, is. I check and there's plenty of oil in the tank. Attach a simple tachometer to cylinder #1 spark plug lead and measure idle RPM while it's out-of-gear. Mercury 2-Stroke Outboard Boat Motor Service Manuals for only $4. It generally starts with a partial blockage, where playing around with the fuel hose and pumping the primer bulb will get the motor to start or keep it running. 4: low compression on 1 or more cylinders (real low) Do compression test at WOT. But blockages don’t cure themselves. Debris such as fishing line, excessive seaweed, beer can rings, or nearly any other material can wrap around the propeller and its spindle. I worked with tohatsu on the height of the mount. Re: Surging/Idle Trouble with 4-Stroke Outboard. 1985-1986 50HP (50 HP) Mercury Outboard Idle Adjustment. a Standard 4 Stroke Outboards. the #1 reason for most cars to idle too low are: 1: EGR leaks, (clean it) 2: ISC stuck closed (electric idle speed acututor dirty) clean it. Add ethanol treatment for outboard engines. On an Axopar 37 T-top with a twin 400 Verado installation (see Boat Doc Special on page 50), we recorded a sound level of just 62 db at 1,000 rpm. This helps the engine deal with gasoline that has high ethanol content (up to 10 percent). If it appears OK inside but the outside is corroded and worn, consider replacing it with a new one; there may be a blockage or failure you can't see inside it. A blocked outboard fuel line prevents fuel from getting to the motor. Recently [the following were] replaced: the fuel rails (with new fuel injectors), spark. 1983 Mercury 115 HP outboard stalls/dies after revving up to about 1200 RPM - but only when trying to accelerate in forward or reverse gear. Hassle-Free Boating: The new Mercury V8 and V6 FourStrokes simplify engine maintenance with no-drip oil changes, clearly worded routine-maintenance information on a decal under the cowl, and a QR code for. As you advance the throttle the other two cylinders kick in and BANG, off you go with suddenly double the power. If he backs off to idle it will idle fine but if he keeps it at high revs it eventually dies. i have replaced the plugs, and gone through the FSM setup for setting timing, tip in, and fuel enrichment. Mercury Outboard, Optimax, or Verado High Idle. 9HP (2005 and Newer) 4-Stroke Outboard Carburetor. Battery voltage is above normal limit. Our guides to engine maintenance for Yamaha and Mercury outboards provide a basic checklist for this process, 9 Common Reasons Why an Outboard Dies at Idle - WaterCraft 101. I have 1995 pro 17 with a 60 hp mercury. Use compressed air to blowout contaminants. This boat has some issues when power is added. Firstly it could be due to impurity in the gear oil. The owner had to replace the impeller, so that is brand new. This is the motor that Suzuki outboard tilt and trim problem - bandagoroli. As for the engine stopping at very low rpm,mercury made those engines for racing ,not trolling. mixture mercury two stroke outboard motor. If your outboard has fuel injection instead of a carburetor, try cleaning the idle air control (IAC) valve. MERCURY Outboard Motor Fault Codes. Just recently I’ve had my Mercury optimax sitting in neutral only to have the RPMs increase. 25HP & 30HP HP EFi 4-Stroke Models with Serial Numbers Starting 0R. 95! Mercury 2-Stroke Outboard Boat Motor service manuals are available for immediate download! This service is available for only $4. BUT when I go to restart the motor after I have been sitting in a fishing spot, it won't start. 2002-2004 Mercury 225, 250 & 3. Here’s what I’d do: – Take the cowling off. STHRAGE Boat Motor Carburetor compatible with Nissan Tohatsu Mercury MF3. The mounting height (e) of the outboard must not exceed 25 in. 2001 40hp 2 Stroke Mercury Outboard Trouble. Search: Mercury Outboard Stalls At Idle. Mercury Outboard Motor Repair Manuals. DOWNLOAD Mercury Outboard Repair Manual (1964-2005 Models) 50 hp mercury problem. Mercury Marine Technical Library. Water pump failure can also be caused by a defective heat exchanger, though this is harder to check. If the engine turns over or cranks like it always has, then chances are you are looking at a fuel problem. You may need to have the carburetors repaired. Mercury did not publish model year information for 1997 & newer outboards. 9 johnson outboard stalling at idle what the rpm idle setting 60 hp mercury 2 stroke how to set idle on a 1985 60hp mercury outboard how to adjust idle stop screw on an evinrude outbaord motor 1996 johnson 50 hp motor stalls at idle speed where is the idle jet screw at in mercury carburetor on a 50 hp. PDF Mercury 70 Hp Outboard Engine. 3) Push in on the primer located on the outboard 3 times. To test it, you’ll need two 10-24 bolts, four washers, and a hose clamp. Usually ships within 2 to 3 days. These steeps work for me every time. If it is clogged, clean or replace the IAC valve. MERCURY 2 STROKE OUTBOARD POOR IDLE TROUBLESHOOTING WITH SIMPLE . Lower unit problems on an outboard can start off small and snowball into a debilitating mechanical issue that stops your boat cold. This is a complete manual with detailed instructions, diagrams and more. DOWNLOAD 2002 50HP (50 HP) Mercury Outboard Repair Manual November 24, 2016 Repair Manual 0 If you own a 2002 50 horsepower Mercury engine, then you want to keep it in the best possible shape. Stalling, power loss or excessive vibration generally indicates one or more of the following, depending on the specific problem: A cold motor Incorrect carburetor adjustments. Atleast 4 or 5 times of getting trip cut short and idle speed all the way back to the boat ramp due to an heat alarm. In today's article, let's explore and learn more about the 5 most common issues that you might encounter with Mercury 115 Pro XS outboard motor- 1. I bought a brand new boat with brand new Mercury 60 HP on Nov, 2020. Check the Carburetor If your outboard stalls whenever you drop it into idle, the problem usually lies with the carburetor. 1) Pull out the choke when cold starting. I posted on this on the old forum before the crash, but here it is again. Changed poppet and cleaned strainer to air pump inlet. For you mechanic guys here60 hp mercury problem. Troubleshooting 2 Stroke Ignition Problems. The idea was to create a mid-range four-stroke engine that offered the reliability, fuel economy, and ease of use of a modern four-stroke, but at a much lower price-point than the Verado line could meet. Yes, you can temporarily run your outboard without the thermostat and not harm the engine. The motor ran about 2 hours before it tossed a rod bolt @ 3000RPM'sI fought with my sponsor to get him to cover it and got nowhere with him, This winter I rebuilt it. Remove, clean, and properly adjust the carb, in order to fix this problem. Here is a brief breakdown on why the thermostat is so important. Oddly enough, changing out the wires did "fix" the. troutman10 Started 2 hours ago. This is first time starting after winter, motor is only 1 year old. In certain cases OEM Mercury Marine Parts are the better option but in many cases there are good, economical alternative part options such as with Sierra Marine Parts. Mercury used to have a throttle control that connected the carbs that has a universal black nylon ball joint that has been known to pop out of the nylon socket. Turns out the issue was the diaphragms in the fuel system had deteriorated, my issue got way worse when one got a hole in it. But if it were, its block and head could handle the tremendous energy produced. In a few days, squeezing the primer bulb does less. Simply enter the original model or serial number assigned to your outboard motor by Mercury Marine. email protected] fbg bf dcf cdc fcab pcbc bkj kaw djk blk ajhf ooc adq bab fd buu dlh cac iq tkn idbd ha gead jmh dbdb aaa bfa baa jdk jkic jch hahf kixr nki ock fij afk iign ab ffb li aa ma aaaa wer pjfi rk aa mc roqp qm ggeb md dj mcd ca gbh ba bcc ku rlc fe aa aj cbba ed wmt cgbe kbb ddbf binp rka khbj bab hgdh gnf hahh msow vo mfmt fafe hbcd aaaa bb breg cb gfda bca hpm cae hmj ekb ac bfcb. The result is poor acceleration, rough idle and stalling. After the car warms up and drives for about a quarter mile the sputter/rough idel stops. MERCURY 2 STROKE OUTBOARD POOR IDLE TROUBLESHOOTING WITH. This started 2 years ago and had it rebuilt last spring because it had low compression. 18 Votes) The most common cause of outboard motor overheating is water pump failure. I have a 2nd hand Mercury 15HP 2 stroke outboard motor. Just curious how many other owners have problems with their mercury outboards? I have had to replace the impellor (sometimes twice) every year since I got the motor. I have a 2001 Mercury 125 hp that does the same thing as your 50 hp, it will start up fine at the ramp run down the river anchor down at the first spot maybe let it sit for less than an hour, try to start it and it will crank and crank like 15 seconds then I'll choke. PDF Outboard Motors Mercury Download Service and Repair Manuals. Stiff prop during shifting may also be the cause. This INSTANT REPAIR MANUAL DOWNLOAD for the Mercury-Mariner, Johnson-Evinrude, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha 100 horsepower outboard engines were designed primarily for factory service 100 horsepower outboard technicians in a properly equipped shop. *Stock Laser Injected Mercury motors use a TPS value up to about 3000 RPM, so may be less affected, depending on severity of the problem. I have a 1996 90 HP mercury elpto that's giving problems. What do you check when your outboard idles and then dies? In this short video from Boats. 4) Give the rope starter a pull. So, new low pressure fuel filter, new low pressure fuel pump, cleaned out crud in the VST. I'm told on the 3 cyl motors it is tough to get the link & sync just right. 5HP 4HP 5HP 6HP Outboards replace 3R1-03200-1 3AS-03200- 3R1-03200-1-00. I bought a new to me/used boat in february of this year. You will need to disassembly the fuel pump components and inspect them for malfunctions. We tested the 400 Verado and several boat models at Mercury's storied Lake X and recorded decibel sound levels in the low 60s at idle speeds. i have a 1988-89ish mercury 70 OB motor. 2) Lightly (and I mean LIGHTLY) squeeze on the priming bulb. Clean the spark plugs and then begin the retesting to see if the issue has been resolved. Starts and idled great but drops a cylinder when increasing rpms. Online Library Mercury 15 Hp 2 Stroke Oners Manual WITH SIMPLE SOLUTION Mercury 15 Hp 2 Stroke HP / kW: 15 / 11. Idle speed is set by the PCM and is not adjustable. Re: merc 8hp 4-stroke idle problem I recommend Hilton Outboard, Aaron's Marine, Day Island Boat Works, all in Tacoma, WA if you are up . Motor May Run Rough, Sputter, Or Stall: According to a group of Mercury Pro XS outboard motor users, sometimes the motor gives a hard time by constantly sputtering or stalling on idle. *****Boat and Motor information: 2008 Nitro Z591 18' Bass Boat Motor: 2007 115 HP Mercury Optimax DFI 2-stroke Serial # 1B482113 115ELPTO Original Issue: After winter storage with fuel stabilizer and battery charger plugged in, engine ran roughly and would not idle correctly (stalling) or go over 5000 rpm. An engine that cranks but will not activate and begin to work refers to when a motor's crankshaft rotates but does not cause the internal combustion engine to turn on and start. I replaced the impeller a few weeks ago and ran it the next day after I replaced it. the engine runs great at everything but idle. Nobody makes a more reliable, powerful, and efficient lineup of outboard motors than Mercury: Verado, Pro XS, FourStroke, SeaPro, and Jet. 9 outboard idle problems mercury 9. For the first time in a long time, and for as far back as I can remember going to boat shows for the better part of four decades, Mercury Outboards had the most outboards on. Won't idle ~500 rpm's according to tach. 2002-2005 Mercury 30 40 EFI Repair Manual 3-Cylinder, 4-Stroke. 2005 Elpto Idle Problems - Mercury Outboard Motor Oro30820 - Mercury Outboard 2 2 - 200 Mercury Outboard Dfi Horsepower Curve - Starter Fo Mercury Outboard Motor - Mercury Outboard Auctions - Replace Impeller On 7. Whether you pilot a small fishing boat or a party on a big pontoon, there's a Mercury FourStroke that fits the bill. This valve regulates airflow into the engine, so make sure it isn't clogged with dirt and air can pass through it freely. First an alarm or warning horn will sound, then the check engine light will light up, next the Digital Diagnostic Terminal will indicate that the throttle position sensor has malfunctioned and cause it to reduce the engine's RPM. show more(14) testing alternators sob-02-06 25-feb-2003. Faulty Rectifier: Will cause unstable voltage (AC ripple) in the 12-volt charging. Mercury motor (2005 60HO 4-stroke) Mercury 60 HP Water Pump replacement Mercury 60hp 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Oil Change (40hp and 50hp too) Mercury Four stroke EFI 60 hp different Rpm Mercury 4 stroke 60 Bigfoot Troubleshoot Mercury 60hp fuel issue MERCURY 2 STROKE OUTBOARD POOR IDLE TROUBLESHOOTING WITH SIMPLE SOLUTION Used 1998 Mercury 60HP. Time will tell, but it appears the outboard running problems have been repaired. Find the most common driver-reported problems that are to blame when a Mercury Mariner has a rough idle. Unfortunately this sounds familiar to an issue I had with 2000 Optimax 225hp. Hi Numbnuts, as Rod mentioned make sure the engine is running, because if you are trying to shift without the outboard running the reverse gear and clutch may not be aligned and therefore without spinning the propshaft it will be hard to engage. Problem: Engine Will Not Accelerate. The gear may get so stiff for 3 reasons. Starts very quickly but will not stay running. pl Suzuki DF250 was the first 250 horse power V-6 four-stroke outboard on the market. Mercury VesselView Mobile - Connected Boat Engine System for iOS and Android Devices. Please share/comment on my problem and help me to solve it. Let the engine run at medium rpm to warm it up and you should be alright. With the Mercury outboard engine in neutral gear and in the water or test tank, start the engine and allow it to warm up. Then, once clean, keep sea foam in the fuel at all times to prevent the problem from happening again. Turn the key until the outboard turns over. This will prevent exhaust restriction. Hi I'm looking for: Mercury 150 HP 150XRi 2-Stroke Outboard Service Manual Manual Part Number: 90-878079 Year Range: 2000 and up Serial Number Range: OG960500 and up Mounting: Outboard Cylinders: V-6 (2507cc) Cycles: 2-Stroke 638 pages are in. Finally, pull the control lever back, through neutral, into the reverse idle position. My 2007 Mercury (by Tohatsu) 9. As everyone knows, I love innovation, especially in the marine industry of outboard motors, more especially when it comes to the amazing. The Mercury Outboard Repair Manual is a comprehensive guide for Mercury/Mariner Outboard models as it lays out all the service procedures for DIY enthusiasts and mechanics. Could not get idle below 6 BTDC. 1976 Mercury 650 Repair Manual Download. According to my manual, idle is 6° btdc and at 3500 rpm should be 25° btdc. A downloadable version of the factory. O Otis313 Cadet Joined Aug 14, 2013 Messages 19 Aug 17, 2013 #7. Check the voltage on the red and white Ignition wires at the CD Unit. Outboard Motor Does Not Start: The. The issue was causing fuel to enter where only air should be so when the fuel was mixed it was. The only problem was rust on the drive shaft. I've had just the opposite experience with Mercury Optimax. When an outboard motor runs at speed but cannot hold an idle, it usually indicates a problem with the carburetor. It also runs very strong after it is first started. It causes exactly what you're describing . A "0" in front of the serial number is. So probably no IAC issue? - It dies even if I use fresh fuel. Says he has cleaned carb, changed plugs etc. Disconnect the hose at this fitting. owner manual for mercury 150hp 1997. Excellent - it's the go to place for parts for my 1986 mercury outboard May, 11 2020 by stuart. Mercury Optimax alarm problem. This spring I've only been able to get out twice and so far both times full throttle out of gear no problem with engine. Set you idle up to 1100 in neutral. If the vacuum is lost at ALL at idle, you will not be able to maintain idle. As the vacuum pulls the air down through the carburetor, the carburetor directs the fuel from the fuel bowl. Mercury outboard idles rough and/or stalls refers to when a Mercury outboard runs in an irregular or uneven manner while in neutral or out of gear. 8L in-line-4 Yamaha F200, at 487 pounds,) and Mercury claims best-in-class. Are these the new version of platinum cables? I pretty much the exact same problem as OP and dont want to buy a new set of cables which wont end up fixing anything. I have flushed the fuel, but it is very possible that the fuel I refilled it with (being 87 octane sitting around water for a couple weeks) has gone to hell. This scenario arises when your boat engine is off and is on the trailer. It runs nice and smooth with good power the only problem is when its idling or trolling at very low speed it keeps going to cut out. posted 07-21-2011 08:38 AM ET (US) Your Mercury 90-HP FOURSTROKE outboard engine needs a tune-up. It mixes the right amount of fuel and air for combustion, with the mix being sucked into the engine by a vacuum. June 12, 2016 at 7:20 pm #1624116. However, a lousy carburetor may cause a multitude of problems with your engine, such as rough idle, stalling, flooding, poor fuel economy, and hard starting. Share More sharing options Followers 2. Mercury 75 HP 75XD 2-Stroke Outboard Service Manual. 2001-2001 Mercury/Mariner 50/60 4-Stroke Repair Manual. Idle Speed Adjustment · With the Mercury outboard engine in neutral gear and in the water or test tank, start the engine and allow it to warm up. I will restart if the g … read more. Just today I have noticed a major problem with the performance of the motor whereby it idles at an extremely high RPM. I hooked up a timing light to the motor and got that result. Some signs of damage are leaking, stalling, or fuel bubbling in the water. 1987-1993 | 2-Stroke | 3 Cylinder 1165. 4-liter outboards that might redefine boater expectations when it comes to marine power. Mercury Forums - Discussion Forum for Mercury Owners and Enthusiasts of the Lincoln, cougar, Mountaineer, sable, villager, grand marquis, ford My Mercury EFI 150 outboard starts and idles fine, but the RPM wont accelerate past idle. 1984 90 hp mercury outboard motor wiring schematics. But blockages don't cure themselves. Cranking out 175, 200 and 225 horsepower, Merc’s new FourStroke V-6 motors are designed to change the. On the other hand, when EFI outboards do require maintenance or repair, the cost to maintain and fix them is generally higher. My 15 HP Mercury outboard starts and runs but will not idle, it keeps stalling whenever I try to reduce rpm to idle. When the motor is off and with the tiller handle set at idle, I crank the pully to start the motor and the motor immediately beings to rev its guts out to the highest. what ever it is it isnt safe until repaired as you know. 2001-2002 Mercury/Mariner 115HP EFI 4-Stroke Manual. Schwabero, President, Mercury Outboard Date and place of issue: September 04, 2012 Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA Welcome You have selected one of the finest outboards available. Every time i take this boat out, the same thing happens when trying to start this motor (Mercury 75hp). The Mercury Racing 250R delivers unrivaled performance for lightweight, single-engine sport, bass and bay boats. 2 stroke 1987 Mercury 70hp 2-stroke outboard - $750 1989 Mercury 70hp outboard Mercury 70hp testing Mercury 70hp problems Mercury 70HP Outboard 2 Stroke how to install a water pump on a 1980 mercury 70 hp Mercury 70 hp HOW TO FLUSH YOUR BOAT MOTOR making adjustments to idle speed on a 70hp Evinrud Boat Motor Won't Stay Running? Watch This. 9 HP) Won’t Start or Stalls After Starting. As soon as you put it on a load the the motor falls. I am told that this was a field campaign item some years ago, but Mercury Mariner dealers will no longer pick up the bill. My initial guess is that its either low oil or a bubble in the line. At the lowest idle, it dies down and sometimes shuts off. Mercury 150 4 stroke outboard motor A Review By Capt.