70cm fm simplex frequencies. FM Simplex Contest – Milwaukee Radio Amateurs' Club Inc. 500 - National Calling Frequency. 575MHz [25kHz spacing]); 70cm FM Repeater Channels (1. Experimental Narrow bandwidth modes. When this is not possible, it is permissible to use other frequencies where narrowband FM is relatively common (e. 520 are “General Simplex” frequencies. Note that the SERA band plan indicates that some of the usual 2m simplex frequencies may be used as repeater pairs — an example of a local decision on frequency use. Across all of North America, 446. But which simplex frequency? Many seem to default to using the national FM calling frequencies—highlighted in the table below—but the calling frequencies are . 5 Alternate 70 cm Simplex 90 WX1 162. 0 MHz as time and resources permit. Contest Frequencies: Contest frequencies fall . 000MHz) analog call channels for digital simplex, as they are not in the band plan for narrowband digital use. These changes include rearrangement of simplex channels and the creation of a new repeater input segment. Simplex Frequencies Available For Use in EMa – Eastern. Any frequency valid for your license class can be used . As for moving a QSO from the calling frequency, then the 25 KHz channel steps are the most used. Most amateurs operating on 70 cm use either equipment purpose built for ham radio, or commercial equipment designed for nearby land mobile frequencies. 850 is only used around Salt Lake City and reserved for other uses in the rest of the state. 510 MHz and the repeater subbands. Data Mode Frequencies; UK Band Plan – 70cm. Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference Data ARES/RACES Skywarn Simplex: Bonner: 146. 88 repeater FM Olivia 8-500 OMNI . 850 were removed as 70cm simplex frequencies by the Utah VHF Society in February, 2021 and reassigned for repeater use. 570 MHz FM simplex 70cm FM National Simplex Frequency: 446. What are the most common 70m simplex frequencies that are used?. The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) Band Plan has nominated a series of frequencies in the 2m, 70cm and 23cm amateur radio bands for Simplex D-Star . FM operation is "channelized", meaning that specific 70 cm FM frequencies are identified by the band plan. These simplex club meeting frequencies have no offset and require no PL tone for use. A 25 Khz spacing matrix is used on this band. Contacts are limited to FM Simplex on the following amateur bands: 2 meter: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm. 70cm FM/DV Simplex Channels – Frequency. DMR or C4FM Simplex Frequencies. What is the 70cm calling frequency UK?. Remember that on the radio bands provisioned for amateur use, it is not possible for any individual or group to own exclusive rights to. Depending on the country the band is shared. What is a common repeater frequency offset in the 70 cm band?. (Data Rate and Modulation scheme will govern bandwidth). 520: FM: Calling Frequency, also used when traveling in areas with few or no local repeaters. These simplex frequencies are handy to have programmed in your base, mobile and HT transceivers for rag chewing, working FM DX, and emergency communications. 70 cm SCRRBA (420–450 MHz ) Band Plan Table Data Taken From SCRRBA. NOARC Simplex Frequencies. Because of the short range of FM simplex on 440 Mhz, no other simplex frequencies are specifically identified on this band. 2 meter and 70cm Simplex Frequency Usage · 446. 01,03,05,07,09 are widely used for packet) 145. Note: By tradition, 20M and up is Upper Sideband, 40M and below is Lower Sideband. Note 2 – Weak Signal Terrestrial legacy users are encouraged to move to 3400. An example using RG-58 type coax on 10Mhz vs 400Mhz increases loss by about 10db per hundred feet! 2. It introduces Analog FM repeaters that seem family-friendly and cover the area of highest concentration of GOTAhams members. 500: FM: Calling and general use. There are only four common use 70cm simplex frequencies assigned in Utah. 000MHz, respectively, and should be included in your radio's scanned channels. The 70cm (440) frequencies have been de-conflicted with all repeaters within 65 miles of Crestview. Lawrence County), with channels centered every 25 kHz. However there are particular problems associated with band planning within this area of the spectrum. Again, your OpenSPOT is a good fit, here. The 2m FM voice calling frequency is 145. 6 Meter Simplex Frequencies –51. 9750 FM, APCO P25, DMR, Fusion and D-Star Repeater Inputs, wideband/mixed mode digital. I am looking for simplex frequencies, excluding the National Simplex for 2m and 70 cm, to use for digital simplex with Yaesu C4FM/System Fusion, APRS. 400 Mhz U272 ATV Talkback SU17 433. This system is quite special, because it uses pulse modulation. It uses two sweep rates, 870 and 307 sweeps/sec. 565: As most hotspots focus on 70cm frequencies, these. FM Simplex operation on 70 cm: Although the Southern Nevada Repeater Council does not coordinate simplex VOIP node frequencies, the following are suggested: Analog (Wide or Narrow Band) Simplex: 446. Amateur Radio Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference. What are the 70cm simplex frequencies? 70 Centimeters (420-450 MHz) 146. PDF 2 meter, 440 Simplex Frequency. In most areas it's usually safe to operate simplex on 2 meters between 144. 600 - National FM Voice Simplex Frequency. Till now I don’t know D-Star calling frequency since there are countless listed on the internet. 52 MHz (also known as ‘Ham 52’) and the commonly used ‘Ham 55’ channel of 146. Frequency Utilization Plans – SERA. To work simplex with your DMR or C4FM radio please do not use the FM analog national call frequencies 2m. On which frequencies to use various modulation methods is specified in the Radio Amateur Band Plan published by the RSGB, and for 2m and 70cm digital mode is as follows : 2 Metres. 500MHz and the 70cm FM voice calling frequency is 433. How to Program The AnyTone 878UVII Plus for Analog Simplex. Since they are classified as "open", no prior authorization or. They are based on national and regional band plans: 2m (144-148MHz): 146. You must follow the same fcc rules. There are also 6 less common simplex . Auxiliary Simplex Link Frequencies. 520 : National Simplex Calling Frequency : 146. 250-MHz video carrier frequency ; 432. 42 MHz FM Simplex is a ham radio 2 meter frequency commonly used as a chat or SHTF practice channel by mainstream Prepper organizations. 70cm Simplex Channels - Frequency Old Name Frequency New Name Use SU16 433. Simplex calling frequencies FM, AM, D-Star and SSB. Step 8 –Measure SWR for 70cm (Optional) Sweep the antenna from 440 MHz to 450MHz –the SWR should be between 1. A 20 Khz spacing matrix is used on this band. This band plan only covers bands that have repeaters operating on them 144. 520 National US FM Calling Frequency. All scanners can receive this channel. 990, Repeater Inputs - 20 KHz spacing odd 10 KHz (See Note 2). 570 (30 KHz spacing) Note that 146. There are many 2m FM repeaters and 70cm UHF/DMR repeaters near me. Repeater inputs and outputs (local option) 445. National Simplex Calling and RACES Regions 1A/1B. 07, EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) ; 432. 480 Box Elder County (ARES Simplex) 3. Michigan is not necessarily used elsewhere. Digital operations on simplex frequencies on this band ARE NOT frequency coordinated by any party in the state of Minnesota. It is not a normal frequency-coordinated 2 meter simplex ham channel, although it is generally within the simplex bandplan for USA. 000MHz, respectively, and should be included in your radio’s scanned channels. Most of the 2m traffic is busiest around the local nets in the mornings and evenings but a few are hubs for local ragchewing. 5 KHz spacing, you end up with the following list of possible frequencies. As such, not all frequencies in this segment will be available for new coordinations to afford protection to the existing coordinations. 000 MHz FM simplex 70cm FM Simplex Frequencies: 445. 250-MHz video carrier frequency and repeater links. What Frequency Do I Use on 70 Centimeters?. At these higher frequencies, coaxial cable attenuates rf more rapidly and drastically than lower HF frequencies. PDF W0TLM 2m 70cm frequency list. 565 MHz is reserved for fox-hunts (hidden transmitter hunts) in Canada and the U. Alternate Frequencies ; Simplex ; 147. 575 Mhz U286 2m Repeater Frequency. 7, primary 70cm FM simplex ; 3989 khz, primary 75m LSB. • System Fusion repeaters operating in digital only mode coordination requests should first be attempted in the 70 cm band using one of the 12. xlsx location name frequency duplex offset tone rtonefreq ctonefreq comment 1 call 52 146. In most places, the channels immediately adjacent to 446. 2m / 70cm Simplex Contact (using the Calling Frequency) The 2m FM voice calling frequency is 145. W0TLM 2m 70cm frequency list- Rev 12. Learn how to set up AnyTone 878UVII Plus analog simplex programming without using a computer. 000 National FM Calling Frequency 446. There are also 6 less common simplex frequencies from 147. The signal can be quite wide (in some cases even 1MHz). 4 Answers 4 · According to the ARRL band plan, FM Simplex Calling on 70cm is at 446. 550 - Lancaster County Simplex Net Alternate 52. There just usually isn't that much activity on 70 cm FM simplex and thus most, if not all, of the other frequencies are not going to be . It basically means that you will now know where to listen for other users. 30: Additional FM simplex frequencies may be designated regionally. 6) Additional FM simplex frequencies may be designated regionally. In areas that use 15-kHz channels, the adjacent channels are 146. The Arizona 2m band plan shows a range of frequencies to be used for FM simplex, such as 146. Analog simplex frequencies are great for when you're out of ran. The following is a list of open 70cm FM voice repeaters in the Southern California region. Contest Information: This event is a sprint, lasting 3 hours from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm CST. 6125 CALLING CHANNEL; Then use the analogue channels except 145. Propagation Beacon Network Exclusive (10) 432. FCC Rules The first thing we need to know is the FCC frequency authorization for our particular license class. FREQUENCIES ; 70cm, 433,80, FM Simplex ; 23cm, 1294. 590 : Simplex operation (Even 20kHz Frequencies strongly recommended ) 147. 500, Point to Point 20 kHz BW – Paired. Note 1 – Includes all other emission modes authorized in the 9 cm amateur band whose necessary bandwidth does not exceed the suggested bandwidths listed. 0000 National FM Simplex Calling Frequency 446. The admit criteria is your choice, but this is what it means. It also means that when you transmit, you are less likely to interfere with other users that cannot change frequency, such as repeaters, satellites, and beacons. MM0FMF 2 November 2009 23:37 #2. Coshocton, N8MXX, 6m, 2m, 70cm Licking, W5UHQ, 147. Like others have mentioned, I'm sure that simplex frequencies vary by region, but these do fall within the 70cm band plan as "simplex" frequencies. 300 FM Simplex Calling Frequency (West Coast) 50. 4 National AM Simplex Frequency 50. 5 2m FM Calling Frequency 85 70 spx 446. FM repeater operation uses two frequencies: the repeater receive Here a user operates half-duplex, using a 2m/70cm dual-band Yagi to . 350 Mhz is the National FM simplex calling frequency. 000 MHz is the "national FM calling frequency" and probably should be tried first. 550 (S22) as these are only for FM analogue calling and AM usage respectively. All other bands are listed in frequency ranges. There just usually isn't that much activity on 70 cm FM simplex and thus most, if not all, of the other frequencies are not going to be monitored. To work simplex with your DMR or C4FM radio please do not use the FM analog national call frequencies 2m ( 146. 4875 Links, Control Frequencies 441. 300 FM Simplex Calling Frequency (West Coast) 70 CM. But to be fair, MARC's mandate is to coordinate repeaters. 000, National FM Calling Frequency (2) ; 446. How far can you have a simplex contact on 70cm with a cheap handheld transceiver? The answer might amaze you, even if you've got little . Below are the recommended simplex frequencies to be used with DMR in the United States and Canada. specific FM voice simplex frequencies for is 70 CM. The 70 cm band (420 to 450 MHz) is another popular ham band for simplex and . 520 are "General Simplex" frequencies. Important note: · 10 Meters · 6 Meters · 2 Meters · 222 MHz · 70 cm · 70 cm D-Star. 000 Mhz is the National FM simplex calling frequency. 350 SOARA Simplex for Events (“Heiko” Simplex) 146. 5 2m simplex frequency - w0tlm 4 spx555 147. 525 - 6m NATIONAL CALLING FREQUENCY 146. Here are some of the common 70cm simplex frequencies that I have in . Always listen first to avoid interfering with another QSO or auxiliary or control link. 250-MHz video carrier frequency. Simplex on 70cm is even less popular but these frequencies seems to be the more popular ones around to use. 5 Colo Connection, Breckenridge, Bald Mountain. The 70-centimeter or 440 MHz band is a portion of the UHF radio spectrum internationally allocated to amateur radio and amateur satellite use. 700 MHz) while avoiding the Satellite segment from 29. 3750 FM Repeater Inputs/Auxiliary Links (25 kHz spacing). · @TrevorJohns You could have: eddied . 4875 Links, Control Frequencies 446. For a long time I am trying to compile a comprehensive list of calling frequencies. Specifying band frequencies does not distract from the enjoyment of working on the 70-centimeter band. However, in certain portions of the USA, the. Use of normal FM voice repeater . 2 of 8 70 cm Ham TV Frequencies--- The CATV channels 57 - 61 span the 70cm ham band. I have an FTM-400XDR mobile rig. The National Simplex Calling Frequency (also referred to as the calling frequency) is 146. 520 MHz (often called “52” or “652”) This frequency is also the “national calling frequency”. 5000 MHz U280 FM Calling Channel · 06. The 70 cm band (420 to 450 MHz) is another popular ham band for simplex and repeater operating, so we’ll take a look at that band now. 000, the others may also be used for analog VOIP. 2m FM Simplex Frequencies Colorado Band Plan. 2MHz) and bandwith changed a lot. Auxiliary FM Duplex Link Input Frequency Pairs. 000 MHz are used as simplex frequencies, spaced by 25 kHz. Frequency Range ( MHz ), Usage. Across all of North America, the National Simplex Frequency (also referred to as the calling frequency) is 146. An exception is the new 60M Ham Band -- use USB. 00 Narrow Band FM simplex, every 25 KHz. 5 70 cm fm calling frequency 3 spx42 147. County Callsign Frequencies Notes; AD8FL/R: 146. With 10MHz of bandwidth from 430- 440MHz there's plenty of room for everyone. The signals frequency (from around 27. 70CM simplex? where to find band plan?. For new hams who are likely to get started in local VHF/UHF operation, the national calling frequencies to be concerned with are 2m and 70cm FM simplex (non-repeater). Ever wonder how far you can reach on VHF/UHF frequencies?. Band Frequency Band Frequency 2 m Simplex 146. 7250 Digital Repeater Inputs 445. 075 MHz are all valid simplex frequencies. 595, FM Simplex (National Simplex Frequency =146. The rest of the band is repeater inputs and outputs, amateur television, and point to point links. Simplex operation (Even 20 kHz Frequencies strongly recommended ) 146. 370 FM Voice Simplex (20 kHz spacing). Centre frequency for EME, globally coordinated frequency allocations exist above and below 432. 9750 Simplex & Packet (25 kHz spacing). 500 Mhz U280 Calling Channel SU21 433. 2-meter Simplex FM Frequencies by joel Sampson / N5LXI. National US FM Calling Frequency. Program your teams radios with these and get started running simplex. a very useful table with frequencies for hf vhf uhf repeaters including offsets steps grouped by country with special reference to european band plan. 800 Reserved for itinerant and short term use during a special event or emergency with no formal coordination required. Shared by auxiliary and control links, repeaters and simplex (local option) 446. Digital voice QSOs (using D-Star or Fusion modes): 3:30. Contacts are limited to FM simplex on the following amateur bands: 2 meter(1pm–2pm), 70 centimeter (2:00 pm –. Use a high gain outside antenna if at all possible. 175 MHz (25 KHz spacing is often used) 6 meter band FM. 2 Meter Radio Frequencies 70 cm (440) Radio Frequencies. The FT-7900R is ideal for the active Ham who has a need for simplex, repeater, or FM satellite . 550 Mhz U284 Rally Talk In SU23 433. A second block within the 70cm band (445. NXDN and System Fusion repeaters operating in mixed mode may be coordinated on standard repeater pairs in either 2m or 70cm bands. Remember, these are not private channels so use discretion. 600 MHz along with a note that says the Even 20 kHz Frequencies should be. of spectrum for FM Voice Simplex, and Packet/ Digital Simplex. the basics of contesting and simplex operations andexpand the scope of their VHF-UHF operating techniques beyond that needed forrepeater operation. 975 MHz, aside from those used by digital and FM simplex operations, may be in use as auxiliary link frequencies for grandfathered coordinations. The following are recommended as FM voice simplex frequencies for ground or mobile operations. Simplex is pretty dead near my QTH unless there is a rare simplex based QSO contest. 5 2m fm calling frequency 2 call446 446. 0250 Simplex & Packet (25 kHz spacing) 446. Southern California Open 440MHz FM Voice Repeaters. 70 cm band - All licence classes Please note the band plan changes which have been adopted for the purpose of overcoming interference problems caused by LIPD ("Low Interference Potential" devices in the band 433. Amateur Radio OSCAR satellites (NO FM operation). Choosing an appropriate simplex frequency can be a little tricky, since it depends on whether your region uses the 15-kHz or 20-kHz channel spacing. 500, MISC MIXED MODES (PER ARRL BAND PLAN) 70CM (420-450 MHz) Bandplan: . If you had SSB cabability, 432. your states 70cm band plan is below you can use any freq inside the simplex range with a 25khz spacing. Monitor FM Frequencies (Non-Amateur). If you haven't tried 70cm before, or even if you have, these rigs make FM on the . 6250 MHz: DMR Simplex: DH4: 438. Links, Auxiliary, and digital are 20 kHz wide channels except as noted. So, if Texas uses 20 kHz spacing on the 2m simplex frequencies, how does that consider and work in the National Simplex Calling Frequency channel of 146. 59 although in some areas some of those frequencies could be used for repeater inputs or outputs, RoIP nodes, or packet radio. 850 Mhz range are also used for FM simplex. Thus, many hams opt to use these same channels and frequencies for the ease in reception using ordinary, off-the-shelf, TV receivers. It is a list of Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex repeaters that I can work from my QTH in East Dallas (Lake Highlands, just north of White Rock Lake). 50 National simplex calling channel. Here is the rundown of the equipment i am using. 000 MHz national calling frequency. 000 is the only nationally recognized simplex FM frequencies on the 440 band. FM Repeater Outputs (25 MHz duplex split, 12. 5 Colo Connection, Leadville, Mosquito Pass 38 CC BRK 147. Here’s how to use them: Adjust your radio’s squelch, to be able to hear weak signals (just on the edge between silence and the white noise ‘hiss’ Tune to the calling frequency. FM Mode Frequency: Current Use: 2m Band: 146. 580 - LANCASTER COUNTY SIMPLEX NET 52. Open repeaters are operated by individuals and clubs for the benefit of all radio amateurs. The program i use to predict when the Satellites are in orbit is called PASS VER 4. 70cm FM/DV Simplex Channels – Frequency Old Name Frequency New Name Use SU16 433. 00 MHz) is reserved for "Auxiliary and Control Links, Repeaters, and Simplex (Local Option)". 430 FM Voice Simplex (15 kHz spacing) 53. 440 band FM simplex frequencies. 440 Mhz (420-450 Mhz, sometimes called 70 cm band). Important note: The use of 448. Note 1 - Includes all other emission modes authorized in the 9 cm amateur band whose necessary bandwidth does not exceed the suggested bandwidths listed. Pubs & Clubs On The Air - GB2PHC. Note that the "National Simplex Frequencies in RED are also know as the Calling Frequency. 23 Centimeters (1240-1300 MHz) Frequency Range:. 100 is the SSB calling frequency. 3rd September 2022 - 4th September 2022; Club AGM 2022. 555 Tri-Cities (DP, SC, SJC) RACES 144. In a counterpart article, we looked at the 2 Meter band plan. 950 and so forth till you get to 441. Next year 2018 i plan to alter my antenna's and elevate them to 15-20deg. What ham band should I use for simplex? What is the frequency range of a 70 cm FM radio? What is . 20 Linear translator outputs 145. 550, which is commonly used by mobiles and RVers. 200: USB: Users should move up if the band is open beyond normal line of sight. Adapted from the WWARA and RAC 70-cm band plans. 70 centimeter: 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm. FM simplex nodes are best PL/CTCSS protected, especially if they are left connected to a system like K6TZ or WIN System. 432 MHz (70 CM) Page (Approved at Niagara Falls September 23rd 1995) Send comments to VHF/UHF Band Planning Committee, Dana Shtun, VE3DS Footnotes: (1) Digital Channeling 25 kHz "minimum" raster, contiguous multiples of 25 kHz should be released based on required Digital System Bandwidth. Yes, you can operate simplex without a repeater on two-meters FM! And the audio usually sounds better than working through a machine. Amateur Radio Repeater Basics. There is, however, fairly frequent simplex operation on the 70cm band, and it occurs primarily on the following frequencies: 446. Here is a few 2 Meter simplex frequencies to get you started. 9750 FM, APCO P25, DMR, Fusion and D-Star Repeater Outputs 445. The Seventy Centimetre (70cm) band within the UK is 10MHz wide commencing at 430MHz and extending through to 440MHz. Note 2 - Weak Signal Terrestrial legacy users are encouraged to move to 3400. 6 Meter Simplex Frequencies --51. It is available free download from the. This list was created so I could program a new radio several years ago. Here are some of the common 70cm simplex frequencies that I have in all of my radios 445. Band FM AM SSB D-Star Fusion DMR 80m N/A 3. Verified Dallas / Fort Worth 70-centimeter FM Frequencies by joel Sampson - N5LXI. 440 Mhz (420-450 Mhz, sometimes called 70 cm band) 446. 9000 Simplex Cross Band Voice - Mobile 445. 8:1 across the whole range with a minimum at 446 MHz Very minor adjustments can be made by raising or lowering the 70cm rod More adjustment requires a different length rod SWR Sweep for 70cm of this design 22. 25 KHz spacing between channels, 5 MHz split, High input, Low output 445. 375, FM Remote Base (Uncoordinated). Monitor it often and make your calls there but move to another simplex frequency if possible to keep it open for use by others wishing to make simplex contacts. 525 National FM Simplex Calling Frequency. 0 PL: KC7MCC 70cm FM Rptr - Brundage Mtn. 000 MHz is the National Simplex Frequency (also referred to as the calling frequency). This event is a sprint, lasting 3 hours from 1:00pmuntil 4:00pm CST. 13th May 2022 - 15th May 2022; RSGB SSB Field Day. This is the National Calling Frequency for 70cm. 10 Weak signal and FM simplex (145. The UK 432MHz band (70 Centimetres) has considerably more bandwidth than all the amateur radio bands between 136kHz to 28MHz, 50MHz, 70MHz and 144MHz put together. 000 National 70cm Simplex Calling Frequency 144. 520, the National FM Simplex Calling Frequency, as well as 146. Do not use these frequencies for any digital work. The band is allocated to the Amateur . 5 alternate 2m simplex 5 spx100 …. The ITU amateur radio allocation is from 430 to 440 MHz; however, some countries, such as the United States, allocate hams 420 to 450 MHz. The only frequency band MARC lists specific FM voice simplex frequencies for is 70 CM. If this cannot be accommodated on a 70cm pair, one of the standard 2m or 70cm repeater pairs may be used as a final choice. Ham radio Frequency Chart. International simplex calling frequency . 6MHz split, NO CTCSS); 23cm FM Repeater . 80 Miscellaneous and experimental modes 145. Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference for Amateur Radio 70cm FM Simplx : 70cm FM Simplex Calling : FM : Ham : 902. These radios usually tune the entire 70 cm band from 420 MHz to 450 MHz in 5 kHz steps. Tremonton Area Personal Radio Memory Channels and Frequencies Channel: Frequency: PL Tone: Repeater Location / Description: Channel: 1 147. 100, Weak signal and FM simplex (145. 590 ERC Ogden Area (LDS Simplex) 32 TM-D710A Matching Channel # & Frequency 3 146. Locator: IO83WG ITU: 27 IARU: 1 Protected: CB Radio Frequencies (SSB + FM) 7th March 2022 0. Observance is all voluntary, but good amateur radio practice is to honor band plans and gentleman’s. 0750 Simplex & Packet (25 kHz spacing) so 440. 70 cm simplex frequencies. 480 ERC Box Elder Region (LDS Simplex) 33 TM-G707A Matching Channel # & Frequency 2 145. Common VHF/UHF FM Simplex Frequencies for Ham Radio Simplex Operation. HF Frequencies -- DX, DXpedition, SSB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY, SSTV. Observance is all voluntary, but good amateur radio practice is to honor band plans and gentleman's agreements. The band plan indicates the proper range of frequencies for FM operation but there is more to the story. DMR Simplex: DH3: Calling frequency: 438. Any band may be used for these contacts, though 2m and 70cm primary frequencies are recommended (see below). What are the normall 'SOTA' calling freqs on 2m/70cm FM? 73 Mike G/VK6MB. w0tlm 2m 70cm frequency list- rev 12. 70cm Simplex Digital Frequencies. You can test comms in your AO and find your tough spots (valleys, hills in your way etc.